Is the LG GH22LS30 good for making back ups?

hiya im thinkin about buying a LG GH22LS30 dvd burner to make back ups of my xbox 360 games

is it a good burner to use?

thanks in advance

LG drives are generally solid performers, but have long had a reputation for requiring good quality disks. Don’t know if that still applies.

Xbox 360 games require double layer dvds for backups though, and I personally would get either one of the new Pioneer or Optiarc drives for that. My Optiarc 7240s has done well using double layer disks.

You need to use Verbatim +R DL media by the way. They are the only reliable double layer disks that are widely available.

ok thanks for helpin me out

would Aone discs be ok to use or not as u might guess im a newbie lol

There are several good varieties of single layer dvds, and most of the rest are at least acceptable for daily use, but double layer dvds are just not comparable.

As I said, the only widely available +R DL dvds that are in any way reliable to use are sold under the Verbatim brand. If you are in the US, you might also try the Falcon brand DL +R disks, but they are only sold in a few online sites, like and

cheers m8 :slight_smile: