Is the LG 4082B a better drive than NEC 2500A and LiteOn 812S?

I was browsing through the internet on the search for DVD-Burner tests since i want to buy a second one as my 811S is only average quality. And several sites, especially the ones from leading (German) Hardware magazines had the LG drive on first place in the top 10 lists in front of 812S and NEC 2500A. As the LG is quite cheap at eBay (around 75€) and i don´t want to burn any more expensive media with my 811S, i think if i should buy it. Do you have any experience with the LG? And, importantly, can the LG be firmware upgraded to the new 4120B which supports Dual Layer media? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My experiences are quite limited, but I can say the LG 4082 is better than the Nu Tech 081, at least when trying to burn -R. With the LG I have had one coaster with a Bulkpaq ProdiscS03, which will have been the media. Every other burn has been perfect.

I wouldn’t go with trying to upgrade to a dual-layer firmware when a drive branded as dual layer isn’t much more expensive, usually at most a difference of €30.
If you want bit-setting and don’t mind using unofficial firmwares, go for the NEC 2150. Otherwise, the LG 4120 is a good bet (plus it has RAM support).

The NEC is a better drive all-round when compared to the LG, despite the fact that it doesn’t support DVD-RAM. It is definetly better the the LiteON SOHW-812S though, which has problems writing to poorer quality DVD-R media.

And there’s always the option of a dual layer firmware upgrade for the NEC too! :cool:


I want my 4082B flashed to 4120B, too! :iagree:

Unlike some LG’s later-generation CD writers that used Mediatek chipset, LG’s DVD writers are designed by Hitachi, Tokyo through a joint venture between the two industrial giants. The chipset used in 4120B does not look like Mediatek. I can’t compare it with 4081/4082B’s internal components right now. (If anyone wants to have a look, I can send them via MSN or whatever’s available.)

Can a 4082B be flashed to support dual layer?

So the NEC 2500A is better than the LG and it can be firmware upgraded to the 2510A? That would be great!!

Yeah, one of the most popular threads @CDFreaks: