Is The Last NECWinFlash_v.1.54 has a bug?

I try dumping my DVD-RW with NECWinFlash_v.1.54 several times on end. As the result I find out that all dump files has the difference in content. I think its need explanations.
P.S. I do the same with NECWinFlash_v.1.24 and as the result all the files identical!
This is certainly need explanation!

Which drive do you have and are you able to provide me at least two different dumps, so I can try to find out what’s wrong?

I have NEC 3550A .
here are the dumps. here 2 versions v.1.24 & v.1.54
sorry but right here impossible insert attachement more than 193Kbt

I just compared the sourcecode that is called when dumping for 1.24 and 1.54. While I didn’t do that in 1.24, in 1.54 I dump the firmware from the drive’s bootcode. Need to check why I changed this. While the result should still be the same, it could be that right after entering the bootcode, the drive sometimes returns the wrong data.

I’ll try to find a way to work around this - hopefully during the weekend.

I debugged that code last weekend and found out what’s wrong. I remembered that I fixed this problem already, but it seems I only did this for older drives - not the 3550 and compatible drives. I added that fix also for this drive series and tested it on my ND-4551A which is the same hardware as your 3550A.
I do have a solution now, but didn’t find the time to generate all required versions and to upload them. I hope to do so later today and then release an update.

Well, take your time, it’s needn’t any hurry.
After all I need the possibility to check the source
flash and dump for identity.
P.S. I didn’t expect the correction so soon.

It’s just a matter of finding time for investigating. During the week I cannot often focus on these things long enough. Fortunately I still had an ND-4551A mounted in PC2. This way I could easily reproduce this issue. But my first assumption regarding the cause was wrong. Binflash enters the bootcode just for retrieving its version and then gets back to normal mode. However the drive needs a few seconds after switching back before it reacts properly again. Changed the order of some commands and now everything should be fine again.

Thanks a lot!
I have tested new version for a while, its work perfect.
It’s really great! You did the great job.