Is the lack of cooling in the 24x a real problem?

I would just as soon go out and buy the 32x lite-on but the minimum 8x write would screw about 30 cdrw’s I have that only go upto 4x.

I saw that the 24x doesn’t have a built in cooling fan. Does this significantly reduce the drives life? Does good air circulation change this at all or will it not affect it enough?


The 8X minimum is only for CD-R discs not for CD-RW discs. 4X CD-RW discs still works nice.

I’ve never seen any problems with heat…

In fact I would never buy a drive with a fan, those small nasty fans do normally get noisy after some weeks (like the fans on 90% of all the yamahas at work).


Thats great news OCFreak thanks.