Is the hard drive bad or?



ok, i am able to install OS, I can save things to hard drive, and it acts almost as if of nothing is wrong with it and it never freezes.

i have formatted and reinstalled windows 7 OS several times and it again it does it without a problem but… when i do a scan disk check, i can never get paste through the test. it gets from 26 to 28% in about 4 hours and i never give it enough time to finish. when i restart the compter, i get another partition besides the c: drive, there is another z: drive. i did not partition it to two drives in the first place and the z: driver did not come about until i did an scan disc check. i am using windows 7 ultimate.

i can’t figure it out.


A 160GB HDD taken out of my replaytv now mounted into a external drive case will not be seen in my desktop PC. I would erase and reuse this drive.


avaras2002 how old is this drive?

If its 4+ years old then its time for a new one. When you install the OS are you doing a full format or just a quick wipe?


it’s not like the old windows xp when you choose quick or full format. the windows 7 disc just does it very quick. i am more sort of a novice but i can do more simple things like formatting and install OS’s. so the answer is no i guess i don’t do the full format

i don’t know if this makes a difference but i am using a laptop with 160gb


It would be a good idea to run the drive in another PC and first do a full format then run scan disk on it.

There are utilities from the HDD manufacturer that should allow your to format and test the drive from the laptop as well.


Check the SMART status, and possibly run SMART test (quick or long). HDTune can show SMART parameters. (It’s not the most friendly way, there are better software, but right now I can’t think of any besides that one).

SMART testing you could do with disk diagnosis utilities from the manufacturers.