Is the H42N as quiet as the H22N?

I am looking for a reliable and quiet drive.

Can anyone say that the H42N is not louder than the H22N?

These are still my main options, right?
Given that I have no interest in lightscribe or SATA. And that you lot don’t generally seem to consider H12N/H50N/H55N as trustworthy.

Do you all think LG is still the best way to go for quiet and reliable?

As I see it: the only reason someone would go for the H22N over the H42N, is a personal preference for the differing chipset; the price-on-the-day or the need to be region-free.
I am assuming there is still NO region-free firmware for the H42N (but there is for the H22N) and there is still no rip-lock removal for either?

H42N is very loud, you won’t be able to watch DVDs or listen MP3s.

Not even if I turn the volume up real loud? :wink:

Seriously; though. My question does make sense, since the H22N was well renowned as probably the quietest of the good fast drives about.

I just wondered if the same can be said for the H42N. Otherwise I will have to plump for the older device.

My pioneer drives make a heck of a racket (whatever I do) in this otherwise silent room.


I have a few high speed drives here and they all make more noise that my 16X drives. They only read at 16X though. Must be the motors they have to use now i don’t know.

Maybe you just need a DVD-ROM?

I never burn,watch a DVD, and listen to mp3’s at the same time.

I dont think my H42N is loud, its in a computer that is on a table next to my desk so the drive is at ear hight and I cant hear the thing ?

I do have the cables pulled ATM because I am playing around with firmware but I will test it soon.

I have just burnt at only 8x, but the disk was checked back at 16x (why not 18x ?) and then I am now doing a TRT in the Optiarc drive and if I was to say which made the more noise… it would be the Optiarc right now.

But either way its not a big deal, and only for a few minutes, unless… what are you doing ? audio or video extraction while you are watching a film ???

If I am honest with myself; low noise when reading is more important than when writing.

Time wise, I am mostly just reading from data discs at full speed.
Other times I may be watching a film.
But I am also forever piddling about; with writing and re-writing RW disks.


If its really a big deal there is a nero ‘widget’ called drive speed (IIRC) or something like that which allows you to set a max speed to you drive[s]. It sits in the tray and can be set to start at boot.

Just did a quick search, and I think its a Erik Deppe tool. Had a look for it via CDF but cant find it, but here is a link

Thanks for the suggest; but I had already tried such things. I should have been more explicit with my ‘whatever I do’.

It is a shame about the pioneers really; older ones seemed reasonably ok for noise. But these DVR-111D and newer ones I have been playing with make a heck of a racket (in a quiet room).
I maybe going quite mad: but it is almost as if they have fat loud fans in them or something; that kick the volume up yet another notch when they get a little warm.

I guess we will have to put it down to the manufacturers upping the speeds without keeping the quality of the motors and barings used instep. Like a fast car with old disc brakes and a live axle.

LG H42N is louder than Pioneer 111D. I have both.

@behrcan - At which reading/writing speeds are you comparing them? Because, LG reads DVDs at 16x (RW 13x, DL 12x), while Pioneer reads them at 12x (DL 8x, if I’m not mistaken). LG reads CDs at 48x, Pioneer at 40x. LG writes at 18x max, Pioneer writes at 16x max. Even at the same max speed, LG is significantly faster (eg. @16x LG is 30-40 seconds faster than Pioneer). So, in all these cases, GSA-H42N uses higher rotational speed of the disc than the DVR-111D. In other words, it [U]should[/U] be noisier because it’s faster. Still, comparing to other drives, I personally don’t consider it to be noisy - it’s mediocre regarding noise, and the fastest regarding speed - which I believe is a very positive characteristic of the drive.

I have not compared the read speeds. Both of the drives have patched firmware.

I write at the same speeds, DVD-R 16x, DVD-RW 2X, CD-RW 24X.

LG might burn/read a few seconds faster, but in my opinion, much higher
noise is not worthed.

The consensus seems to be that I’d be better off with the known quantity of the H22N.
I had hoped that LG had focused some energies and started to make a trend of building quiet drives.

So, Unless anyone points me towards a nicer, quieter device; I’ll be picking up a H22N shortly.