Is the EXORCIST THE BEGINNING with new protection?

i can’t copy this dvd.

the dvd is region 1, wide screen.

and when i put the movie into my computer the pc gets too slow, this is the first time that happened this

i used anydvd, clonedvd2, dvdshrink, superdvd but nothing

is this the new macrivision’s DVD copy-protection?

I don’t know!! :confused: I think you may just have a bad disc.
How long has that movie been out?
I would think if it had a new protection you would find a lot of post about it.
Well I did a search and only yours. :confused:
Didn’t find any in google either. :confused:

I was able to make a backup for myself, so I assume that there is no problem with the Exorcist: The Beginning. I have not tried the disk yet, but it was able to backup with the newest AnyDvd and CloneDVD.

The disk came out yesterday, so the disk should be clean makabra. Not sure what the problem is for you. Good luck.

i solve the problen.
i used other dvd writer.

thanx guys

I cant copy the movie either (exorcist the Beginning) I can make a image file with Clone DVD but I can’t burn it to a disc. At about 90 - 98% I get the ooh no and the error says it’s most likely bad media. I’ve never had this problem with any other image file and I’ve burnt alot of DVD’s with image files on and from Clone DVD. the media also works fine with other image files.

Burnt it yesterday and watched it last night …Using Shrink and anydvd… No problem… Ed…

No problem here with using latest versions of Clonedvd and AnyDVD. backup disk played flawlessly using Region 1. I think those that are encountering problems are either media or drive related, not a copyright issue.

All I can say is never use cheap media, just not worth the aggravation to save a few pennies, more expensive in the long run.

Ripped in file mode using DVD Decrypter (removal method: aggressive, and had detect master errors enabled, all other settings were at default). Next used DVD-RB 0.76 with CCE SP to encode. Burned with Nero No problems here.

DVD Decrypter detected nothing out of the ordinary CSS protection scheme.

So i tried to copy the dvd (RC1 and RC 2) with both dvd’s i had no problems.
I used AnyDVD and CloneDVD Maybe the DVd is scrached.

I am using clonedvd 2 ver and anydvd ver. but I keep getting mastering errors or sometimes anydvd tells me it is just a data disc not a dvd-video.
Can you help me?

Copied the new Exorcist DVD (NTSC) using the latest CloneDVD & AnyDVD Combo with no problems. The movie sucks too bad to add Arccos protection…LOL

It was good until they showed the possessed girl. I almost laughed instead of being afraid. She started crawling on the walls of the underground church like a spider. What’s up with that?

I believe the best scary movies keep you in suspense without revealing the actual monster. Keep the monster in the shadows. The Alien series did a great job at this.

:iagree: I couldn’t agree more. :eek: The problem is most movies suck today!!!

Wow - isn’t that the truth! Most movies do suck these days. Do anyone seem to notice the ones with the newest copy protections are the suckiest movies to come out this year? lol (resident evil apoc,the forgotten, exorcist etc.) hey wait a second they are all horror flicks - maybe there is a correlation…hmmm.

I wouldn’t say only horror flicks.
It usually the ones they advertise the most are the worst.
Terminal :Z
The Village :Z
The Grudge :Z:
People I Know :Z : They say its one of AL Pacinos best :Z :Z . I don’t think so!!!
Just to add a few of the top of my head. :smiley:

I would have to say that The Village gets my vote for being the most ridiculous movie of the year. I initially watched it thinking that it was going to be a good horror flick. At last, it turned out into being some twisted psychological mystery flick that wasn’t all that thrilling. Grudge was horrible as well.

Not a horror film, but i thought TAKING LIVES was good. :slight_smile:

@Emack: Well, try different media then. Sounds like you get a batch that is sky-rocketing the error rate at the very end of the disc. If you made an ISO image this doesn’t pertain to Excorcist: The Beginning at all because the disc itself read without an error.