Is the edit option removed?

If got a short question about the edit feature. Is this option removed for editing old posts, or have I just misplaced it in the new lay-out? And if so, why is it gone? :confused:


I should have posted this over here:wink:

You can edit your posts for 30 minutes than it’s disabled.

Okay… 30 Mins is kinda short, I think…

I prefer at least a day or two…

So why is that?

The reason can be read here,

Hmm, now I have to think twice before posting stuff… can’t have any regrets afterwards.

At first I was already disappointed after removing the “delete” and “close own thread” functions. To bad this lame measures had to be made, but okay… now I know why…

If you need to edit anything then just ask the moderator of that Forum. They will help you out if needed.