Is the DW1625 in the UK yet?

Does anybody know if any DW1625’s are available yet in the UK? Has anybody seen any LightScribe media also in the UK?

Not sure who makes this Hewitt-Packard HP6401

media here

not much stock tho

The HP 640i is a Lite-On based Lightscribe drive, havent seen the 1625 listed anywhere yet in the UK

Wow! The media isn’t cheap! Also, the HP drives only appear to come in black, and some models do seem to be Lite-Ons.

JES Computer (German based but they deliver to UK region) have Philips Lighscribe 8x DVD+R/DVD-R listed a 5 pack for €6.90 which seems pretty good though its not in stock & that price will probably change…

Yeah the HP seems to be only in black I’m going to wait for the Philips/BenQ branded drives instead.

ITshow in singapore is 2 days away…hopefully 1625 and lg 5163D can be seen…

LG, Lite-On, and Benq make the Lightscribe drives for HP. Mine is a 640c and is made by Benq.

So if you buy a HP 640 you dont know if you get a BenQ or Liteon or LG??? Wtf?

Not exactly the HP 640i is Lite-On, the HP 640c is BenQ and the LG one is called 640b I think.

Of course if the online store doesnt suppply that info then it might be difficult to find the right one you want…

They’re all sold as 640i (i = internal). So far I’ve not seen anyone confirm he/she has got a Lite-On, only BenQ (640c) and LG (640b). Following HP’s previous naming scheme the drive ID of the Lite-On version (if it exists) should be 640r (and I haven’t found any burning software that list support for this drive yet).

Okay I thought the HP 640i was a confirmed Litey well that definitely makes things more tricky at getting a HP [BenQ] Lightscribe drive.

Came across this also, LaCie will be selling an external Lightscribe drive which from the picture just looks like a HP 640 in an external case

photos of BenQ lightscribe will be up soon

will singapore be number one in the world again…?? in the LG4163 singapore was the first