Is the Dual Layer standard about to die?

I just posted the article Is the Dual Layer standard about to die?.

  Is it possible that the Dual Layer standard may be on the way out? If we can believe this  article that D4rk0n3 spotted  for us over at CoolTechZone  , then it seems that...
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I read this and keeled over laughing. Whern DL came out and everyone said “I’m buying it now”, I asked “Why?” The answer was invariably “so I’ll have it when media becomes available”. I generally countered with “that will be a while and also you have no guarantee that your burner will work with the media - there’s none out there to test with”. I usually got back “but I’ll be ready - it’s DL and it will be wunnerful”. Uh HUH. (CHUCKLE) You can always tell the pioneers - they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs.
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/me thought this ages ago

I think its a little strong to say that the format is going to die because the DL discs cost more than single layer. The market has yet to be flooded by cheap DL media from companies like CMC, etc. Give it time.

Hmm I would say to the writer of the articles do some more research and then rewrite it. Since a lot of stuff is incorrect or incomplete. Let me give 4 examples. A Benq 1620 retail drive can be bought for 64 euro not the double of it. B He don’t understand to know anything about manufactureing of the disc’s and just takes things for granted from the wrong sources. C Current prices are falling. He hasn’t seen that ritek manufactured disc’s are allready selling for something arround 5 euro’s a piece. D He isn’t aware of the fact that the competition is still busy with actually getting there products on the market. I’m not saying that dual layer will become really cheap soon. Still a price of 3 euro’s should be possible at the end of the year. However I allready see some sites picking up this lame story. With enough bad publicity he actually might make it right in the end because of people and companies no longer haveing fate in it. Ohwell.

Three euros translates to roughly five dollars CDN. That’s just wrong. If prices don’t drop considerably lower than that, it simply isn’t worth it - period.

Dual Layer was a great marketing tool to get people to upgrade their slower burners but it didn’t make much sense if the media could not be had at affordable price.

I think this is an uninformed overreaction. Check this link: Just the other day Verbatim announced they are shipping engineering samples of 8X Dual layer to hardware manufacturers. Dual layer isn’t dying, give it a little time. …and if you think dual layer is pricey, don’t even imagine what a writeable HD or Blue Ray disc will eventually be…and you might see them years from now. Dual Layer is the next standard.

Dual layer is going to die because Blu-Ray and HD-DVD have more capacity. Dual-Layer DVD-R’s will be used mainly to rip 1 for 1 copies of commerical DVD movies. Thats not somthign you can do with a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Saying that, I am supprised how long its taking for prices of discs to drop. Cheapest here in Aus is A$9 for a verbatim 2.4x. Still you get the feature free with your burner nowadays so there is plenty of hardware out their. Danny.

I wrote this in a previous thread that discussed this very topic… Let’s keep things in perspective here. DL is a fairly new technology and as such, is more expensive. Prices will come down in time, though I don’t think $5 is a bad price for a DL disk, considering the alternative to backing up your DVD collection is to purchase a second original at full retail price. Additionally, I think many individuals are being mislead into thinking that just because Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD are to be released this next year, that these formats will be inexpensively and readily available. If you thought DL media is hard to find and expensive, just wait until the media for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD become available. I saw on some websites that the prices for this media will be something like $20-$30 per disk. Additionally, these devices will not be readily available at a price that people like us “normal Joe’s” can afford. Something to think about. Just my 2 cents…

but it isnt going to die. this is because there is nothing to replace it for a while. you can’t just take the fact that its doing poorly now that its not going to get anywhere later on. blueray and hddvd will probably give dual layer a boost in sales, because prices will have to drop. in addition, by the time the hd formats go consumer, everyone will have a dual layer burner already. that is just my thoughts, based on my logic. not that my logic ever works out… heh.

You’re right! …and logically so. In my first post I meant to suggest exactly what you are saying. Dual layer will do really well at a price we all can afford provided the manufacturers get production problems under control, which logically will lead to higher volumes and by extention cheaper prices. You know it’s going to happen. Be patient. What bugs me is the person who thinks they are being intelligent saying this or that new technology is dead because of something even further on the horizon. If that were true no one would be buying any blank CD-R’s…don’t DVD’s have MORE capacity? DUH!

Do people really need Dual Layer capability? You can shrink movies to fit on a 4.7 Gig Disc, so where is the need? I skipped the Dual Layer burner, and updated to the Plextor 712A from the 708A. I paid $4.99 for 15 Maxell 8x DVD -r and +r at Office Max. The DVD+R burn at 12x, and I am a happy camper! :S

Here in Portugal we can buy +DL from Traxdata at 6.9€ and Verbatim DL 2.4 at 7.2€. The price will drop for sure in the near future but until then, those prices are not that bad and those who really need 8,5Gb on a single disk can start using them.

Yes you can shrink…and looking at it on your 25" television you’ll never see the difference. On my 98" diagonal projection you DO see a big difference.

“Dual layer is going to die because Blu-Ray and HD-DVD have more capacity.” I’m surprised you came to that conclusion. Don’t expect the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD blanks to be cheaper than dual layer dvd. The high def formats won’t take off until there’s an abundant amount of movies available, the recording drives are cheap and the discs are reasonably price. Dual layer dvd will die the same time as single layer dvd. My prediction is that won’t be for quite a few years yet.

Yes we need dual layer capacity but only for movies and backing up the odd xbox game over 4.7gig. It simply doesn’t make sense to buy them for backing up other data from your computer. Some people also find them useful for getting more digital video stored from their camcorders. Btw, if you want to Shrink I suggest everyone use Nero Recode. Best quality out there and will be good on larger tv’s.

The do sell a lot dvd’r singel layers richt now. When the price drops for dual layers dvd’r the price for singel layer drops to. Now they make more money.

A Verbatim DL here costs under €6 and all others under €4. It’s going down… in prices., not pieces.

Even the price of a DL is still high (comparing with the DVDR) but it would be a great asset as one of the main optical storage discs, like the CDR, DVDR and DVDRW (i use all of these). And yes the DL price is and will keep dropping for a lil bit for a while, so the DL would be doing better eventually, but i don’t think that the price would drop drastically, just because the HD-DVD and the Blu-Ray will show up in the end of next year(if it doesn’t delay)… “I wrote this in a previous thread that discussed this very topic…” by Intomed… I agree with this guy, that most of the people cannot afford the New High Format Discs, yet. It might be a good storage disc for backing up your PC, UNTIL most of the households have a HD-TV in their room plus a good Cinema + Sound-system thing… otherwise it would be a waste for such a large expensive excellent discs… So i don’t think that the DL will die because the New High Format Discs, i even think that the DL will be doing pretty well for a couple of years, just like the CDR now…