Is the cable the problem? - Sony AW-G170A

Hello everyone,

I installed a new Sony AW-G170A last night as a replacement for my old Sony DRU-700A. (Straight swap after checking jumper is set to ‘master’ on the new drive.)

The problem I am encountering is that while burning in Nero 6, (patched to latest version) it would burn a small amount then stop and I would receive a ‘dma-driver, crc error’ and fail. I repeated this with different speeds (my media is allegedly 1-4x) but all failed giving this error.

I checked my DMA settings and they were on and I proceed to use the drive to see if I encountered other errors, especially when not burning. I noticed that when I watched a DVD movie, the film would play fine for a minute then it would pause for 30 seconds (drive stops spinning then starts again) then it would resume the film and another minute, it would happen again.

Lastly, I was browsing the disc in Windows Explorer and decided to copy about 20 files, around 900mb in total size, onto my hard drive to see how that went. The files start to copy fine but at about 5% of the progress bar, it would hang and after a minute or two, Windows displays a message saying it failed due to an I/O device error.

Can anyone please offer me suggestions as to what to do? I regret I’m at work currently and therefore do not have my Nero error logs to hand. One person I know suggested changing my IDE cable as he says “they have more conductors these days”. Could this be the problem? - I didn’t conisder the cable last night as my old drive always worked fine with it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi and Welcome,

indeed, it is worth trying an 80 wired IDE cable (same type as for harddisks). Additionally you should browse the NEC section as your drive is not a Liteon, but a NEC/Optiarc :wink:


Ah, thanks Michael. So many forums, and I thought this was the Sony one. >.< I will run by a PC shop at lunch. Meanwhile any other suggestions/ideas would be most appreciated.

:bigsmile: Sony is just a rebadging company. They sell Liteon, Benq, and now Nec and Samsung drives under their own brand :bigsmile:


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