Is the bezel for the 4163B ugly?



I’m considering this drive, but the pictures on the web seem to show an ivory top and a dark grey bottom. I have a beige case and I’m worried the grey strip is going to look stupid.

I wish it was all ivory.


my drive is all ivory I got it as bulk from


The bulk/OEM versions of the drive don’t have the additional grey/glossy black stripe.


I bought a retail version in Germany without gray stripe.
Looks nicer IMHO



There are at least three types of retail GSA-4163B. Mine’s in silver.


The silver on my retail units bottom looks and feels cheap, tacky and ready to fall off.

Not worth the extra unless your case is also cheap and tacky. :wink:


The drive goes in new IBM computers in black and looks a bit like NEC drive, nice and plain, much better than standard I think