Is the BenQ DW1655 in an external enclosure OSX compatible?


I have been using an Mac Ibook for over 3 years but in the last few months the internal combo dvd/cd combo drive died on me.

I am having a hard time locating threads that mention compatibiliy with the OSX system. (I have received a file not found with some of the searches on Benq and Mac compatible.) I have also done some searching on Google. As well as contacted Benq (no reply yet), Newegg (they don’t know), Meritline (contacted last night), and now I am posting here.

From reading various posts I have noticed that the Benq DVD burner DW1655 is a popular choice and am thinking about getting it and the external enclosure they offer from newegg or perhaps Meritline.

I need some help here. Is the Benq DW1655 in an external enclosure compatible with OSX? Does it work just as well on OSX as on a PC?

Btw Have I overlooked threads/sections on this site for mac compatiblity?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

The drive will be used on a PC as well as on a Mac with OSX.

Have a great day!!


Paal, welcome to the forum.

The DW1655 is intended for internal drive and all firmwares only support data transfer rate UDMA2 which are good for internal but not quite fast enough to support 16x writing speed externally. However, if you can live with 8x or 12x write speeds, there is no problem placing the drive in an external enclosure. I would suggest an enclosure with Plumax PL-3507 chipsets.

Also the drive does not come with Toast so you might want to purchase seperately. As far as I know the Sony DRU-820ULT (DW1670 OEM) comes with Toast but it’s quite expensive.

Thanks Zevia!

Thanks for the info!

I checked into it and my final decision was also the cheapest one…A few moments ago I purchased an used external cd/dvd combo drive on ebay for $30 + shipping. It should work fine with my Ibook.

Thanks again for your feedback! I appreciate that!


OS X should have no problems with new burners these days (if, then try Patchburn).
The weakest point here is the enclosure and it’s chipset, which should be chosen wisely.