Is the BENQ DW 1640 GONE?

At this point in my search for DW 1640, I’m begining to think it must be “officially” extinct. Ordered one last night on line , only to find this morning they were “out of stock”, but did have the DQ series. I cancelled and continued looking. Called NewEgg, they didn’t know, Called BENQ in Ca.–Sales, they said they’d call me back, as they’d have to look into it.
Can anyone tell me for sure , should I just stop looking, is it a discontinued model already ??

You can always get a Plextor PX-740A or Sony DRU-810A and just flash it to a 1640. It’s not in production anymore since the 1650 and 1655 are out in the market.

Not having a 1640 isn’t a bad thing, as the 1650 and 1655 do better 16x burning than the 1640 did. I have a 1640 and find myself wishing I could get a 1650 or 55 for that reason, and once the f/w matures, I’m sure it’ll be just as stellar (in most cases) as the 1640 was for many users. Here’s the linkthe 1655. :wink:

Thanks Folks, I guess it’s onward and upward to "current " models :iagree:

Yo George-

You may want to hang out for a couple of weeks or so until the 1650 becomes available - unless you want ‘lightscribe’


That sucks… I have a 1640 since September now and been giving it some heavy use. It’s very nice, even with crappy media, even if it’s physically weak (the disc tray’s been working badly for months now).
I hate it when they discontinue models so soon, esp if the replacements aren’t as good.

I beleive that the 1655 is as good or better than the 1640 and has much more room to mature with furthur firmware updates.


Yup- :iagree: