Is the aopen 1608/app a decent ripper?

I am refering to the 1608 dvd writer, not the aopen dvd-rom. I know the aopen rom will rip faster and is cheaper. Acording to a few reviews the 1608 seems to rip at about 8x if I’m not mistaken (good enough) and I want it for error testing and burning too. I would have put this in the recording hardware forum but thier is not aopen forum so I thought I would put it here. Fyi I know about the limited media support. I also have a liteon 851s@832s and a nec3500 so I’m not woried about it supporting every media. I am mainly concerned with weather it rips good (at the speeds it’s capable of). It’s only 39$ at office max (no rebate required) and I prefer buying locally. Beyond ripping quality (ability to read less that perfect disks), does anybody have an opinion on it as a general purpose drive for cheap (keeping in mind I already have 2 burners)?

Yo ripit-

I posted the following over on the NEC forum - but I thought that it may be useful here-

I have both the AOpen 1648/aap and /aap Pro-

The aap Pro with new firmware version 1.02 is faster than the regular aap with firmware version 1.07!!

On a 7.75 Dual Layer pressed DVD movie-

aap Pro= 12.92x max read; 9.76x average; 10.45 minutes read time

aap= 12.30 max read; 9.31x average; 11.18 minutes read time

The Sony 1612 (LiteOn 166s)= 9.67x max read; 7.07x average read; 15.24 minutes read time-

The NEC nd-3500AG= 7.13x max read; 5.35x average read; 19.54 minutes read time-

You can see why the 1648/aap & aap Pro are so widely recommended as a $25 addition to your burning setup-

You can get the aap Pro from for around $25 - wouldn’t this make more sense with your other drives??


I’m farmiliar with the aopen 1648 and have been considering getting one for a while. I was also aware that newegg has them for 25$ now. The aopen 1608 was just more of an impulse purchase. It was on sale locally for 39$ (no rebate required) and I prefer buying locally when possible. I kind of wanted it for another burner to play with, not just as a ripper. It also does cdspeed error reporting so I can compare scans with my liteon. I know the 3500 is suposed to be capable of reporting errors soon but it’s another drive to test on. As my dvd-rom is dying (seems to work fine but it is getting more and more common that it cannot read disks), I still need another drive so that I can have two per computer so I’m still considering a 1648 (it’s not the money, just lasy about ordering stuff online). The 1608 was just a cheap burner to play with (new toy kind of thing) that I could get cheap locally. I was just curious how well it ripped. I already got it so well see how well it does. I might install it later tonight (have to wait till the wife goes to sleep to bring it in from the trunk so she doesn’t know I bought it, lol).


The ole’ Sportsmell - “hide it in the trunk so the ole’ lady won’t know you got it” thingie - I understand now - same thing happened to Sportsmell when he went out and bought like 5000 +R discs at Best Buy for like 5 cents apiece - he’s been hiding them all over town in the phone companies “B” boxes - and shleppin’ them in when the ole’ lady is off to work-

I fully understand-


She’s still giving me crap over the 250 blanks I got at office depot since I already have a shelf full of media but 40$ for 250 disks and 145 jewel cases was to good to pass up considering it was decent (ritek), not off name crap or princo or something.

Yo ripit-

That’s one hella price for some really good media-

I have been using the Ritek 8x -R G05’s as my “Workhorse” movie copy media for the last 180 or so burns (Now I have to start getting into my TY’s, Verbatim and Maxell medias or I’m going to have to live in the dog house for a long while)-


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My liteon doesn’t like the +r but does ok with the -r. my 3500 seems to like both and like I said, I have a shelf full of media (that the liteon and 3500 like) so no big deal. I had to get + and - as thier was not enough of either to get the deal so I got both. I might try to exchange the + for - as it seems to burn beter though (bet you never thought you would hear me say I would be exchanging + for -). I still have a shelf full of other + media though so I’ll be ok. lol.

Yo Sportsmell-

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Be cool - or I’ll call Lynda and tell her where the other 4960 +R blanks are hidden-THEN you will be in BIG trouble-