Is the 716s (Sata) just a big rip off?

Hi there,
is this plextor just an overpriced drive, and arent all plextor over priced for what they are? I mean a Benq 1620 which produces the same if not better results is half the price for an OEM Even a retail benq is only 150 bucks here, and the plextor sata is 199.
Im looking to buy a new drive, before anyone thinks this is a statement and not a question. :wink:

A SATA drive is going to cost more than an IDE one. Compare the price of the PX-716A to retail BenQ 1620 for a more fair comparison.

Depends what you want in a drive. Plextor DVD burners can do things with CDs that BenQ can only dream about. Plextor’s warranty service is superior to BenQ’s and you probably won’t have install 20 different firmwares looking for the right one to work well with your media - like BenQ does. Compare either audio ripping or movie ripping to the BenQ and it again comes up short.

The BenQ 1620 produces high quality burns with certain media/firmware combinations - and is a very average burner in just about every other category. And the drive-specific software that comes with it (Q-Tools) is decidedly weak.

Well I do ONLY ( mostly) movie ripping with a dvd burner and the benq seems the fastest reader so far for that,. Is the plex. faster?

The should be about the same speed for ripping pressed single- or dual-layer DVD movies and DVD-ROMs.

the PX716 is a faster reader (and most likely more accurate based on historical plextor reading quality). read the CD Freaks review of the PX 716A…under Read tests, they stack up the most popular drives and their respective read speeds and the Plex is faster than the 1620 in just about every category .

does it? I read the review and it sounded kinda so-so because of media recognition, but the read speeds did seem as fast as the benq. I have and NEC 3500 and it was a slow reader until I hacked the FW (riplock) I dont really want to f**k around with the plextor if I get it(non offical FWs) .
Is there any issue with the sata model that I might have missed? I also read that its construction is kinda flimsy.

the read speeds of the PX716 are faster than the BenQ in every category.

Read Speed
Comparison CD-ROM CD-R CD-RW Audio
DW1620A 30.78x 30.76x 31.36x 31.36x
PX-716A 36.65x 36.51x 31.50x 32.06x

Read Speed
Comparison DVD-Video Single-Layer DVD-Video Dual-Layer
DW1620A 11.87x 6.01x
PX-716A 12.00x 8.95x

Read Speed
Comparison DVD+R DVD+R DL DVD+RW
DW1620A 6.25x - 6.25x
PX-716A 9.04x 6.06x 9.05x

Read Speed
Comparison DVD-Video Single-Layer DVD-Video Dual-Layer
DW1620A 6.24x 6.23x
PX-716A 9.06x 9.05x

there are no unofficial FWs for plextor drives to fuck around with…

the issue with the SATA drive wouldn’t be the drives fault (most likely) but rather the SATA controller’s fault…from what i’ve read Promise and one other controller brand doesn’t play nice with SATA based optical drives (i.e. doesn’t recognize them and/or has issues with them).

i’ve read about some people with drives having construction quality issues, but out of my 4 Plextor drives, i haven’t encountered any at all.

cool, I really want one now! it just seems like they make quality, and have the know how to engineer a good product. I use the onboard sata on my ABIT AI7 and its had at least two bios updates to cover sata cd rom devices so I should be OK.
Thanks for all that info and your help. One more thing, the SATA would have no speed difference from the reg. IDE would it?

AND (sorry) how long does it take for you read a Dl dvd pressed before you burn it with decryptor? ( I assume that you use that)

you’ll read a lot of anti-Plextor comments especially pertaining to the PX-716A…but to each his/her own and based on my experience, i prefer Plextor drives despite the price premium. not to confuse you at all, but the only other drive i’d consider right now would be a BenQ 1620 just like you had considered.

if your updates specifically mention increased compatibility with optical drives, then you should be OK. do you know what controller chip your SATA uses? it should be part of the mobo’s specs or in the manual or on the website. i’d double check just to make sure.

currently there is no increased transfer rate advantage of SATA versus IDE (16X burning is peak 22mb/s and ultra DMA 4 which the PX716A uses has a max theoretical throughput of 66mb/s versus 150mb/s for SATA and 300mb/s for SATA II). the only advantage of SATA is easier set up with a simpler cable.

using 2 instances of DVD Decryptor running, i can rip 2 DL DVDs simultaneously in less than 10 mins.

WOW. Two at once in 10 min? that s great. Now I guess my only obstacle is my wife. :eek: I have an INTEL sata chip on my mobo. Theres not an issue with those is there.
And I keep readin g threads in here, even the one about the new FW adding DL @6x, even the plextor owners seems to say the benq is a faster and better drive, faster writer too. What gives? I wish I could close the book on this thing.

easiest solution is to buy both drives, test them out thoroughly each (for your specific needs and with your equipment you’ll be using to play/read the burned discs) and then keep the one you like or that performs better and return the other :smiley:

like i mentioned, the BenQ 1620 is the only other drive i’d consider at the moment. the extra 20-30s gained in burning time of the BenQ doesn’t mean anything to me personally so i stuck with plextor since i hadn’t had any bad experiences with my other plextor drives.

Certainly not 8 gig each???

yep, full DL discs. i will rip discs 3 and 4 from LOTR:ROTK EXT DVD edition at the same time and post a screenshot.

edit: ok, not less than 10 mins, but 11:04 and 12:29…but good enough for me and pretty damn fast IMHO.

oh yeah, and im running Folding@Home while ripping too, but i don’t think that affects the rip times. i’m also ripping to 2X74GB raptors in RAID-0.

you’re ripping with dvd decryptor? I thought you had to use shrink for reading and decryptor for burning?

you can rip and burn with Decryptor and if i had DL discs, i’d burn those rips straight to a DL dvd but to fit them on a SL dvd, you would need to transcode and/or re-author the ISOs that i ripped using Decryptor. with Shrink you can rip (but doesn’t get past ALL copy protections) and transcode/re-author but not burn.

How do you rip with decryptor? I tried it thinking I could , but I dont see how.

EDIT: I found this on the decrptor site. Explain please;

My Plextor DVD Writer wont read above 2x and I’ve already checked the DMA settings.

Plextor DVD Writers are locked to 2x when reading CSS protected discs.

You can enable the ‘SpeedRead’ feature by performing the following short procedure:

  1. Remove any discs from the drive and close the tray.
  2. Press and hold the eject button (for approx 3 seconds) until the green light flashes (it will do this 3 times).
  3. Release the eject button to eject the tray.
  4. Insert your disc and close the tray.

If you do it right, you’ll be able to rip at proper speeds.

Use the latest DVD Decrypter v3.5.2.0.
To setup SpeedRead in DVD Decrypter: Tools - Settings - Device:

  • Set read speed = MAX
  • Enable SpeedRead DVD (Plextor), checked.

To rip: Mode - ISO - Read. Select Source (the plextor drive), choose Destination (whre you want the rip file -ISO- to be saved, and click the dvd picture below it.

Edit: note that the result is an ISO file, unshrink. If the original movie is more than 4.7GB, you will need DVD Shrink to “shrink” it to 4.7GB to fit in your dvd disk. If you plan to burn on DL media, than you can burn the ISO file directly.

great! I saved one movie to my HD and it gave me the option of just the “main movie”. Ill try it, but cant that be done with the ISO. file too? Isnt that “shrinking” so to speak? And what sthis about the plextors only reading at 2x until you do this “hold the eject button” trick?