Is the 716A available in black?

Every site I find the 716A at does not have the drive in black? Is it even available in black yet? If so, does anyone know a site that has them?

i think there is not yet an official black version of the drive…

Wow… in looking for a black drive I stumbled across the 716A at L@@K at that price!!$1460.29 LOL:bigsmile:

The 716A comes with a replacement black bezel in all boxes. See here.

Ok, thanks. So I guess now I can just stop in and pick one up at BestBuy. Probably a good idea to do that anyway.:bigsmile:

Yup, it’s black, it’s white, it can even be both! (white tray, black bezel) (white bezel, black tray) etc.

Hitman, pick it up from, it’s cheaper.

Wait till later tomorrow, it fluctuates between $116.99 - $109.99 after MIR. For some reason prices change throughout the day. Get it at the bottom price when it becomes available.

They have the new black oem NEC 3520A too, see below for $62.99


Right now neweggs price is 146.99 while bestbuy price is 129.99. If there’s something wrong, returning the drive to bestbuy is a lot easier, IMO.

@zevia, did you get another 716? Possibly another TLA? Because I thought I remember you having one and then taking it back.

He’s got one already. I think it’s Tla 0202. I remember he received one last week and that It’s his third if i’m not mistaken…
He have a saying here in portugal. “À terceira é de vez” that you can translate to something like “you get it by the third time.” so maybe it’s his last, although there was a user that was already in his fourth (all the other drives where RMA).

@Hitman/Noua: yes this is my third. The first two were TLA0000 and 0001, returned. My third is TLA0202. All from bestbuy.

Anyway, I bought the last drive before xmas for $149 (minus 30 rebate), now BB is selling for $129, I will go back to BB for price adjustment, so will be $99 after rebate :smiley:

Old BB Price: $149 + 7% tax = $159.43 - $30 MIR = $129.43
New BB Price: $129 + 7% tax = $138.03 (No MIR?)

Xevia, I noticed BB isn’t offering the $30 MIR anymore, so I’m not sure if he should buy it there! Though, like you said, it is easier to return.


both mine from Best Buy.

zevia, can i really go back and get the price adjusted?

I think there is a time limit involved with price adjustments, but I don’t know how long. I’d call them up and ask before wasting gas to drive to the store.

drpino/two degrees, I’ve done that with my second drive, as long as within 30 days. The first one I bought was 149. Returned and get the second still 149. A couple weeks later the price went down to 129 and I just bring the receipt (the drive stays at home) to the customer rep counter and ask for price adjustment and they did it, no question ask. Is in their policy in the website

The rebate in is outdated me think.$30%20rebate%201Nov%20to%2031Dec04.pdf
The one in newegg (ImBad link) says “Offer good on purchases made between 1/1/05 and 3/31/05”.

no driving involved - beauty of living in NYC.

thanks zevia…might head over today to do that (only on the 0202 as the 0101 i’ve had since right after Turkey Day).

@zevia, what were the problems you were having with the drives that you returned? Also, is there anything to look for in the barcode or on the box that lets you know that it’s a newer drive?

Just look for the TLA# and get one with the highest number (0202 or 0203).

TLA 0000 and 0001 had hardware issues that were resolved starting with 0101. 0203 seems to be the newest TLA. the box will have a sticker on it with the serial number and TLA - you want TLA = 0202 or greater (i.e. 0203).