Is the 712A still available?



Any reputable non-refurbished 712A’s still available anywhere? Were they as stable as the 708A’s? As for the question why not 716…I’m just not sold on it yet. Too many weird problems and I’m subject to the unusual type problems. :slight_smile:
Thanks for any info…oh, I did google and pricegrabber and no luck. Thought someone might know of a place if it exists.
Thanks again,


PX-712A is going to be hard to find. The PX-712SA still seems to be available. The 716A is looking really good with firmware 1.04, and seems to do better than the 712A on the same media burned at 8x, especially DVD-R, so you might want to look at it again IMO.


try the search for “plextor px-712a” on it came up with a few results but from no rEtailer i’ve ever heard of so buyer beware.


2*…I’ll keep reading. I only use -R . Just so many threads of DOA’s/RMA’s.
I’m only looking for 8X write -R. My 708A 4X write time is 14 minutes and my 4X media is getting very low. Just had to order a couple hundred 8X TY’s from Rima and thinking about upgrading to something a little faster
drpino…thanks for the link. You are correct. Lots of never heard of places with 50% postive reviews. Too dangerous for me. :slight_smile:
Still have another month on the $30.00 rebate so I’ll stay tuned to the threads.
Thanks again. Much appreciated.


You might want to take a look here.


Thanks for the reminder, pchilson. Cant believe I forgot about the links to in state sellers. I checked the 3 online listed at top, BB, Frys, Micro. Nothing but 716’s. Frys did have a Pioneer A08XL…tempting. :slight_smile: But showed no picture or details
Thanks again. Will make some calls.


why you would want to buy 1-generation old technology is a mystery to me. just get a 716 and burn at 8 or 12X. it does a wonderful job at those speeds.


Why not consider the 716a for all its cool features? The 708 ands 712 didnt have any of them.

Here is the cheapest Ive seen the 716A:


I agree that’s an excellent price, but the drives are not new. And older drives are probably the very earliest TLA, which is a bad thing.

Newegg just bumped their price (again), they are now at $139.99 plus $3.50 for shipping. Anyone else seen a good deal on a 716?


drpino…to unravel the mystery, in a word, reliability. You must admit that the problems, number of DOA’s- RMA’s and other anomalies associated with the 716, have been disturbing.
I’m not the most technical savvy with this hobbie and really not in a situation at the moment to have to wait for a turn around time. Reading the last couple months has made me lose some confidence in Plextor. I do own a 708A that is a really nice machine.
I will agree with you that FW updates and updated TLA’s “seem” to be helping but I still think this model is one of the most buggy I’ve read about. Hence; the consideration for a 712A model.
I havent given up and excited to see some reports on the 0304.
In fairness I would also prefer the Pioneer A08XL over the new A09XL. So it’s not just a Plextor thing.
As I learn more (plextools, troubleshooting, etc) I’m sure my buying decisions wont be so difficult.
I would like to thank all that took an interest in this thread. I’m always impressed with the knowledge and abilities that are constantly displayed here. For an older fellow like me it’s very reassuring. :bow: :bigsmile:
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Check the 712A firmware 1.05 thread. There were several people who had to RMA 712As, including myself. I’m on my 5th 712A; the first two were retail drives, the last 3 replacement drives thru the RMA process.


that’s cool John and i respect your opinion. just keep in mind you see “issues” with a given drive more than you see “satisfaction” as people post when they have problems. i don’t think there are proportionally more DOA/RMA/Failure issues than any other drive out there to be honest. just take a look at all the issues other drive owners are having as well. to each his/her own of course…good luck in your buying process.


Two Degrees… I hear you on the 712A. I was thinking a lot of problems started with the introduction of dual layer burning which at the moment I dont have an interest in. Thanks for the tip. I guess it’s a crap shoot either way I go.
I dont know what happened from the 708A on as I have read so many postives about it. And my experiences with it have been excellent.

drpino…you are most certainly correct in that usually only “issues” are posted and few postives. Dont get me wrong I really want a Plextor and if Newegg gets below $100 after rebate again I probably will go for it and hope for the best…
As I look deeper into all the “brand forums” it does appear that all have their issues. Maybe the 708A spoiled me. :slight_smile:
Again, I appreciate all the input and help, guys.


You don’t have bestbuy near you? I believe BB is selling 716a for $99 after $30 rebate. sells 712A $85 after rebate.

712A is a very good drive. But for $15 more you can get 16x burn, 16x read and a DL burner :smiley: and according to my tests, 716a handles several media better than 712a.


zevia…thanks for the input. Actually no BB nearby. (about 45 miles…ah the rural life. :slight_smile:
And I see your point. I’ll try the 716A especially after the info from Two Degrees and drpino about the 712A having it’s share of problems.
I’m sold on the 716A. You younger people enjoy spontaneity, getting older causes even simple choices to require help :wink: I really appreciate all the replies!

I hate to keep moving this thread up but I have to thank those that took time to instruct me on this topic.
And while at it a Thanks to cdfreaks Admin, Mods, and members. Great site! Glad I found it.


let us know what you end up with and if you have any questions or problems (hope not of course). glad to have you here! :smiley: