Is the $59 LG GSA-H22L drive even worth it? My pathetic Scans



What can you expect for $59 with lightscribe? :a

Seems that the Reveiw forthe H22N was very positive but the H22L produces
nothing but errors on all media

I think it has to do with the Z-CLV they use on this drive. :iagree:

I burnt a Nero CD/DVD DriveSpeed test at 8x and it always starts at 4x and
jumps up to 8x…like so in the first image.

The second image shows a scan of this test done on TDK DVD-R . The results are so bad that I stop it at 2GB. Quality already down to 18. :o

The third image shows a scan using Verbatiim DVD+R . The results are better (Qual:70) but I stop it at 2GB. :sad:

My theory is that -R disks like to be burned at under the requested speed (4x-instaed of 8x of 16x) . And the 4x slower speed causes few errots until the drive jumps upto 8x where it seems to kill itself. :Z

On the otherhand +R disks dont like to be burned at under their rated speed (8x instead of 16x). And the 4x slower speed causes the drive to overburn that section causing many errors until the drive jumps to 8x where it seems to fix itself. :iagree:

Does this Drive need better laser adjustment to adapt to different medias better?? Does the Firmare for the H22N fix the H22L.
do you have a link to newe firmware for the H22L.
Thanks so much for any help. :bow: