Is the 5005 more stable than the 5045?

I have just started to use my 5005, and, after some initial set-up glitches, so far all off cable-connected programs have recorded smoothly.

When I recorded at the four hour mode, at first I was disappointed at the reception; however, I realized that I could adjust the picture thru my HD Samsung TV, and the somewhat murky look vanished to a clearer, richer resolution.

The only reservation I have at this point is that is has occurred to me that write once only discs have to be perfect in that one try. I thought the DVD-RW & DVD+RW discs which are erasable to be the answer; however, I was told by a retailer that those will very likely not play on DVD players, even after intialized. They are really for that recorder only. Is this true?

Anyways, it got me to re-think about the 5045 and its greater flexibility in recording & storage.

However, with all the talk I’m reading on-line about out of sync problems with the latter, do you still think that the 5045 is currenly as reliable a recorder as the 5005?

As a reviewer of the LVW-5045, I can confirm that most of the earlier complaints made about the 5045 were due to buggy firmware. Firmware 193-UK was known to have issues such as frequent crashing (which I experienced every hour or two) as well as audio / video sync issues. However ever since I put firmware 197-UK on the recorder, I have not encountered any issue when it comes to audio / video sync (even over 2 hours), remote key response and I think it may have only locked-up once throughout my lengthy 4 week review of the drive using the new firmware. :wink:

So far, I have not used a LVW-5005, so am unable to comment on how the 5045 compares to it. If you would like to see what the LVW-5045 is capable of such as menu run-downs, features, various audio & video tests and picture quality screen-shots of the various modes, see my following review:

the 5045 from liteon is by far the more stable of the two machines.

Why is the 5045 more stable than the 5005?


5045 is newer and has more features and I am sure Liteon has a better update on the firmware.

DVD+RW discs don’t require finalizing and will play on a lot of recent players out of Asia (except for some Japanese models from Sony and others).

Although my Sony DVD player (DVP-S336) [font=Verdana]is rather old, it has not given any bother with rewritable media (CD-RW’s, DVD-RW’s and DVD+RW’s) written in the Lite-On LVW 5045. :wink:

DVD-RW gives a choice of quick initialisation and full initialisation (in the 5045). With the quick initialisation, the disc must be finalised before it can be played in any other DVD player, otherwise I get an error message on my DVD player if I try to play an unfinalised disc. With full initialisation (~15 minutes to perform on a 4x DVD-RW), the disc can be used just like with a DVD+RW, i.e. record, play elsewhere, record more, edit content, etc. and still play in other DVD players. The big advantage with DVD+RW is that they only need quick initialisation (~30 seconds to 1 minute) to be able to use them for rewriting without finalisation before being able to play them elsewhere.

As my old Sony DVD player is the only one I have access to, I wouldn’t know how well rewritable media plays in the newer Sony’s though. My DVD player was before the time MP3 and CD-R support came to DVD players, which means that Audio and Video CD-R’s written in the Lite-On will not play in my Sony DVD player, however CD-RW’s will. :rolleyes: