Is the 3540A a Good Reader?

I’m looking into purchasing a Strong DVD Reader for another machine. I have a 3500 & a 3520a, and there are some discs they don’t read very well. With scratched media I get CRC’s and Read Errors. However i put those same discs in a Toshiba SD-M1612, and they read PERFECT. I’m very impressed with this drive. It may not be too fast, and it slows down on errors, but it doesn’t get read errors, or CRC’s. I was amazed it was able to read discs, that I couldn’t get past in other DVD drives. Anybody have experiences with the 3540a reading with this precision ?

I know this was sort of covered with the thread

but I was still wondering how well the 3540 does on scratched media. Before I used the Toshiba drive, there were discs I just put aside (trash), since I thought they were scratched beyond readability. But to my surprise the Toshiba read them all the way through. I also use a Benq 1620, and a Lite on LTD-165 (which is impressive also). On a side note, are the newer Toshiba DVD drives as good at error correcting ? (ie, SD-1802, 1912, 2012). Thanks.