Is the 2510 a bad reader like the 2500?

I know the 2500 has quite a bad reputation for being a picky reader. Does the 2510 have the same problem?

same drive same probs!

guys im thinking of getting a 52x32x52x16x cdrw/dvd combo by liteon, or do u guys have recommendations of what brand actually have good quality read or data correction, at the same time excellent cd burning? Thanks.

The LiteOn combo should be ideal for quality reading. If you want to use the cd writing abilities of the NEC same some cash and go with a LiteOn dvd-rom instead.

my nd510a reads everything except blank cdr and cdrws (i mean it just says “please insert disc” if i click on E: , no point in doing so though) but burns fine on them using roxio or nero… no reading problem so far.

this is not a problem. it is normal.