Is that's a bad sector problem......if yes then how can i solve that problem

I have a HDD Western Digital 500 GB SATA,when i connect it an try to start my desktop, the booting process is taking too much time,but at last when the windows page have to be come in the monitor it does not comes,that was like some body paussed it in that possion.
when i trying to install a fresh copy of OS after formatting any drive it takes minimum 3 to 4hours but at last the same problm is seen…
but when i connect that HDD to another computer as just a storage drive(Example computer already have a hard drive with installed OS what was used when i connect 500 GB HDD with non using OS).that computer takes tittle more time then that it normally takes,but that computer shows every data what i have in that 500 GB HDD.After adding my 500GB HDD this computer is slower than befor,when i copy from it it was also very slower…on this computer i have already tryed the commend proment method by using “chkdsk” …but that cannon find path…

My question is what is the solution of this problem without changing 500 GB HDD???
How can i block those bad sectares???
I want to use that 500GB HDD with installing OS and using it in a set up like single HDD desktop…how can i do that???

What OS are you using?..Install the drive as a secondary drive and format, then install as primary, in whatever desktop pc you’re trying to install the OS on…Assuming you don’t need the data on it, that is…

How old is this HDD? WD are very good HDD’s, I’ve had hardly any fail. You can get a new WD 500Gb HDD for $50 or less, I suggest going this route. When a HDD starts to fail it won’t last long, so relying on saving Data is a very poor idea. :cool:

I doubt this is a bad sector problem. I would recommend using one of the latest SATA cable versions, check your sata drivers and run some performance benchmarks on both computers.

Additionally there should be entries in the event log. These should be checked carefully if there are storage related errors indicated.

It can’t hurt to run WD’s “Data Lifeguard” software to check the drive.


i am using win7 ultimate