Is that possible crossflash 716A to 708A?

I just bought a Plextor from ebay. The stick on the drive says PX-716A, Feb 2006, TLA #0309 . When I hooked it up it show up as PX708 fw 1.69. I can burn Verbatim MKM001 +DL @6X. I also use the Plextool check the serial number. It matches.

Any thoughts? :confused:

Here are some screen shots.

Physical differencies between the 708 and the 716 are that the 708 was the last drive with a headphone connector in the front panel and the 708 was still the “long” build-style of 19cm while the 716 was the first drive with short stype (about 17cm).

Other than that i think the firmware version is an indication that this drive comes out of a copy/duplication tower (we had an earlier thread on this). 1.69 probably corresponds to 1.09 in regular firmware, so you can update to the recent 1.11.

And no, i don’t think you can crossflash a 716 to a 708. This is probably just PTPXL getting messed up.

Thank you, hwp! :bow:

I think the drive is from a copy/duplication tower. The clue is a “Rimage” stick on the top of drive. And the loader front plate is blank.

My next question is - should I leave the fw as is or flash to 716A’s 1.11?


Here are 2 scans.