Is that normal? :(((

Hi all :frowning:

Today after booting PC, i have found that my NEC 4550A wont be recognized correctly by Windows and Nero.

When i get Properties windows i get the following:

What i can do? I think that firmware is gone… i have tried to re-flash it with original nec flasher but flasher says me that he cant recognize drive properly…

I think i need an external flasher that can flash firmware brutely without checks…

What you suggest?

I don’t think that it is a firmware problem. NEC/Optiarc firmwares have a checksum that detects broken firmwares. It’s more likely a problem between the drive’s IDE connector and your PC’s IDE controller. The reason for this can be as simple as a broken cable but it can also be caused by harder to detect problems like DMA or memory problems.

Start by connecting only the hard drive and the NEC on different cables, different ones, if possible, from what you use now. Make sure you are using 80 wire.


This looks like a bad IDE cable. Check, if it is in good condition and properly connected. In doubt, replace it by a new one.


Ok guys thank you i will try :slight_smile: