Is TDK metallic CD-R80 a bad choice?


I have just bought 100 TDK cd’s (CD-R80 metallic, up to 40 speed), but I think it’s not a good choice.

It is safe to keep them or should I immediately replace them by another type of cd such as fujifilm silverdisk 700 mb?




ATIP information of the TDK CD-R80 700 MB Metallic:

lead-in start position: -02:44:58 (sector: -12358)
vendor code: 97 15 17 - Ritek Co. (Type: 7)
Max. lead out position: 79:59:73 (sector: 359998)
Disc sub-type: Medium Type A, low Beta category (A-)
Indicative target writing power: 4

Alexnou, is this enough for you?


Those are very good discs with most writers so you should trust them IMO.

I agree. Ritek also makes bad media, but this is sold to Platinum, Intenso and the such. TDK usually uses good Ritek batches.

thanks for the info!