Is TDK CDRW 241040B a 'branded' Lite-On?

Hello everybody,
I’m interested in overclocking my burner, however, i’m not sure if it is a ‘branded’ version of Lite-On.

How do i know if my burner “TDK CDRW 241040B” is actually a Lite-On burner? in otherwords, Would i be able to overclock it using the Lite-On edited firmware? :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your input, Thanks

PS: i read the Lite-On FAQ and it looks like it is a Lite on, but i would like to make sure from a person who always own the same burner. THank

Have you taken a look at the drive itself and especially the sticker on top of it? Look at the right top corner. Does it say ‘LTR-24102B’? Then it’s a Lite-On drive for sure.

Thanks for your reply,
Well i tried to flash my “TDK CDRW 241040B” drive with “LTR-40125S”. That did not work, luckily i backed up my orginal firmware first and was able to revert to it.

Here is a picture of the back of my burner (not so clear) : Any more ideas ? thanks … or maybe i should try the other firmware ?

Thanks for your time!

If it’s a re-badged Ltr-24102b it can’t be overclocked, so don’t even try. All you’re doing is risking trashing the burner altogether.

I think i “should” give up on overclocking my burner. I wouldn’t be too happy to find out that i trashed my burner for few seconds less in burning time :bigsmile:

I think it is wiser to know when to stop :cool:

Thanks to all who replied. :smiley:

It is an LTR-24102b, and it cannot be overclocked.

And it’s not really a very big risk to try it since you can always flash it back with mtkflash…