Is Tap Water or Bottled Water better?




I’m doing some academic research on bottled water vs. tap water. If you have approximately 7 minutes, I would really appreciate you taking this survey:

cdfreaks has a really international membership, and it’s interesting to see how people from different countries have a different opinion about the water they drink. For example, I live in the Middle East, and in this country NOBODY drinks the tap water, even though they spend about 10x as much as most other countries to produce it.

Anyhow, I would really appreciate it if you could take my survey. Thanks!








Much appreciated.

It’s really helpful to have thoughtful, intelligent people (like the average cdfreaks reader) take this survey.

When you take my survey, you’ll notice the first question is asking people if they understand the difference between tap water and bottled water… you’d be surprised how many of the respondents I get from ads I have running on Google that can’t figure that out!

Anyways, I appreciate your participation greatly!


Love the site name :wink:

Monkey for President!



Tap water tastes like crap here.



Where are you that the tap water tastes bad?

I’ve noticed in the Netherlands that the tap water tastes really good (to me, anyway), yet people still buy bottled water, and it’s pretty expensive there. I paid two Euro in the Amsterdam airport for a bottle of water. A bottle of water is less than 0.20 Euro where I live (in the Middle East).

Thanks again!


I’m in henley on thames in the UK. The water in my area is known for being really calcy and we have to descale our kettles at least once every few weeks.

Over in the uk I drink just about anything but water. I drink loads of tea, orange juice , coke. Over here a 1.5 litre bottle of water in the supermarket cost me £0.78.


Another one :bow:


Canada has so much fresh water that I think we take it for granted a bit… well a lot. I leave the garden sprinkler on full blast with tap water for most of the summer to keep the lawn green :o
In the city we usually drink tap water - personally I filter mine to remove the chlorine taste. Outside the city, we just drink from wells or lakes; it’s all really clean and tastes great.


When i moved to Los Angels area i drank bottled water. Tap water there had these floaty things in it. Funny thing though…after moving back to MO i still drink bottled water or filtered water on front of the refrigerator.


I like mine extra milky with two heaped sugars, how about you? :bigsmile:


it’s all the same…most of it comes from a guy and his wife in milwaukee…sitting in lawn chairs next to their bathtub filling up empty bottles :slight_smile:


I like mine medium to strong with half a spoonful of sugar :bigsmile:

Regarding the tap water here…it’s drinkable, but I definitely prefer bottled. Mind you, I don’t really drink much water period. See above, I’m more of a tea-drinker :slight_smile:


I started to drink filtered water after reading studies about the effects of chlorine and links to atherosclerosis.


Me too…but not for just the grass…I love my garden fresh tomatoes! :iagree:


Biased survey - :smiley: Tap water is not the same everywhere in the world, in some cases you have no choice and bottled water would definately be better. However, there were studies that showed the toxic effect of those plastic bottles over time - something about the chemical breaking down and mixing with the bottled water combined with bacteria formation - in fact in some cases it was shown that the water in your toilet bowl had less bacteria count ! If your country has a water filtration plant and it is safe to drink I would definately drink tap water - If despite that you have an odour or after taste then get a brita or known water filter :smiley:


In Oz, the water authorities love their chlorine … which triggers an asthma attack for me.

I personally have to filter it … just to make it drinkable :stuck_out_tongue:
Apart from the overdose in chlorine, the water is fine, and won’t make you sick.

My old place though … I let a glass of water sit for a few days … and black stuff was settling on the bottom of the glass … like OMFG!
Same water authority … same source (apparently).


That black stuff you saw was probably carbon :smiley: Or gunk from your old pipes or miniature blood sucking leeches - God forbid if you drink that water :bigsmile: