Is Taiyo Yuden still producing T02s?

I asked the shop where I buy my CDs and DVDs if they sell blanco/printable T02s and they replied that Taiyo Yuden doesn’t produce these any more. Hence my question.

I tried looking for an answer here, but couldn’t find one. I read someone stated that TY still brings out 8x DVD-Rs, but what about DVD+R?

I know rima, svp, etc still sell T02s. Any chance their T02 stock will empty soon?

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Rima doesn’t carry YUDEN000T02 anymore?

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What ??? I am a big user of TY02 +R and you are telling me that they are not making those anymore ? CRAP! What a shame ! After reading that T03 is crap and reading about Verbatim’s inconsistency then I guess I have no choice but to go with Maxell again !

Shame on you TY! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I know a lot of CDF members are stocking up on them, but how long stocks will last, or whether they’re still being made, I don’t know.

I’m thinking of stocking up myself from SVP while I can (the T02s).

If you stop using media just because someone said that the media is “crap”, then you soon won’t have any media left to use - except for media that noone else has ever heard of. :wink:

There is no media that is perfect all the time, and there will always be somebody who has problems with it and reports in somewhere, e.g. on a forum like CD Freaks.

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) is not crap. :disagree:

But there is some batch variation just like with all other media (except those that are bad all the time). And older drives/firmware are not necessarily optimized for burning T03 media, but many newer drives are optimized for T03.

If you don’t think that T03 can be as good as T02, then have a look at my comparative scans here.

That being said, Taiyo Yuden T02 is still more widely compatible than T03 and with perhaps not as much variation.

MIJ Maxells aren’t bad. Verbs are good if you go with MIS or MIT. Now that CMC-made Verbs are becoming very scarce here in Germany (and also in the UK, as I heard), and most Verbs are Prodisc or MBI, TY seems the only way to go, but they’re stopping the production, so argh.
The only good combo seems to be YUDEN000 T03 + LG GSA-H10X. :frowning:

I’m one of the lucky ones who gets good 16x burns with T03 and an LG4163B (A106) :wink:

But then, I’ve seen burns with that combo that don’t look as good…

I’ve noticed that SVP have stopped selling the unbranded T02’s :eek: and only have the printable ones. But there are other sites where they are still available.

Eeek! I’d have preferred the unbranded. Guess I’ll have to go back to Maplin’s and grab some more of their Verb T02s, LOL. :eek:

What the fuck? Maplin’s still sell Verb T02s? Argh!
I would pay any price up to € 20 to get a 25 pcs pack of T02s or G02s in a B&M shop here. Just bought two Fuji T02s a few days ago, very overpriced (€ 1.45 a pack), in Amaray boxes, but I think it was still worth it.

Unfortunately however a lot of people are getting very disappointing results from T03 - much more than T02 ever did. And the fact that some folk get good scans does not change this.

I can’t say I’ve seen any T03 burns that were out of spec, they’re just not as “pretty” as T02.

I am reading so much complaints about T03, but what I would like to know is if those complaints concern burning the T03 at 12x and 16x only ? What about burning a T03 at 8x, does it give a result similar to the T02 at 8x ?

T03 at 8x seems pretty pointless…I think people who buy T03 do so to burn at 16x since T02 is still (more or less) available.

Trying to get back to the main question, IIRC someone who spoke with a TY rep said the unbranded OEM TY (yuden000t02-00 and tyg02) would continue being produced for online sales, but the rebadging for Fuji, Sony, etc., was halted, therefore the disappearing Fuji/Sony rebadges, which were just the ones left over. That was the info regarding TY U.S. distribution, so I have no idea what the European side would look like, unless someone could speak to an authorized TY distributor there and get a straight answer on if online OEM TY of the same 8x kind will still stay in production.

Given the tremendous popularity of TYG02 in Japan, I wonder if Taiyo Yuden will ever stop producing it.

I know that - the point I am trying to make is that if T02 are not longer available, and that T03 burn like crap at 12x or 16x, I was asking if i could burn those at 8x.

I have e-mailed TY regarding this and a distributor - I guess someone beat me to it… :slight_smile:

I have contacted a TY rep from US division and will get an answer tomorrow. From what I gather, I think T02’s will still be sold through online distribution for the time being, but eventually everything will be replaced by 16x media. The value line TY DVDs are still being sold. This is outdated info I have so I am wondering myself where TY stands - which is why I contacted them at the source and should get the info. I have contacted an authorised distributor as well and hopefully will get a quicker response. I might give TY a call tomorrow.

Very good, then, Greg. I’ll keep my eye on this thread to see what you turn up from your call, because those tyg03 burn like crap compared to the tyg02. :frowning:

TYG ? Ok you are talking about the -R kind. I have not used that media yet so it’s hard for me to comment on it - I will pass this concern along - I will try to get some samples and see for myself - I think this problem is probably firmware related - Now if you CAN get the 8x media, you should get that instead. I would not burn a DVD VIDEO over 8x anyways, and even for data, around 7 1/2 minutes on a full disc at 8x, I personally think it’s pointless to burn faster :smiley: That’s a matter of taste.

If you are STUCK with the 03 media, just out of curiosity, has anybody attempted to swap strategies with the 02 and burn at 8x or force burn at higher ? Does that give good results ?