Is T@2 possible with all cdrw



some of my friend told me that without using yamaha f1 he could write tatoo images on cds with nero using a patch than he showed me cds with tattoos.

how is that possible :confused:
are there anyone that has this patch ? :bow:


Your “friend” is BSing.:Z


You’re friend is lying as Stoner said.


The only reason the Yamaha drive can do this, is because it’s implemented in the drive (this is a hardware feature!).

Although it would theoretically be possible to make a drive do this, I doubt anybody would get it to work, as it’s quite though to implement this…


he is using liteon cdrw but his software could make tattoos with anybrand cdrw :confused:


When he has a LiteON CDRW he is NOT able to make tattoos.

Read “Dee-ehn” post. It is a HARDWARE feature of the Yamaha. So there can’t be a patch (patch only update software - NO hardware)


dont say again and again hardware I know too it is hardware feature, copy protection is also made by hardware but it was cracked…
also I know a patch updates software which I am talking about nero update or crack I dont have…
and I AM ASKING SOMEONE HAS THIS UPDATE not advice hardware or software :frowning: I really know how T@2 works :bow:


You’re not making any sense, and your friend is still lying. There is no “tatoo-patch”.


Somebody should come up w/ a better translator, 'cause I think I’m hearing a demand instead of a request from 2 posts up.

BTW, if your friend can do T@2 on his Lite-On, why don’t you ask him for the patch? I mean he’s the expert after all.


stoner you are right…why didnt I ask him to give patch? sorry I am not as wiser as you :bow:


lol… i dare you to ask. All he can give you is more BS like this.

Listen man. there is NO patch. For one, you cannot change the power of a laser with a software patch. I dont care if you belive us or not, it is the truth.

The only patch that is out there is the plug-in for nero to be able to work with the Yamaha drive to make the labels. That is ALL.

And what is the point of coming to a forum like this if your just going to insult and say we are all wrong?