Is swapping bazels possible between 1620 & 1655?

Hi all,

I have a beige BenQ 1620. It still works perfectly well, by the way. I would like to get a 1655, but I think they have them only in black in my area. My question is if I get a black 1655, are the bazels the same to the extent that I can swap the bazels? If you have both models, maybe you can have a quick look and let me. I’d really appreciate it.

No, metal casing is different and bezel locks are in different spots on the 1620. But it is possible to swap bezels between 1640, 1655, and 1650V (the -ROM drive).

no go on bezel swap. 1620’s have a tab in center. 1640’s have two tabs on top about an inch in from each side. 1640 button is smaller too (but i don’t think taht matters). i’ll swap u one of my beige 1655’s bezels for a black one tho. :smiley: now the only thing i can see that you may be able to do is knock of the 1620’s center top tab and see if it holds in place with the bottom and two sides. it seems as if the bottom and side tabs match up ok. and the drive plate fits in the faceplate ok too.