Is studio 10 better than 9

Hi i’m using studio 9se, i bought it a year go and it worked great, now it locks up and slows down when editing a 60 min high qualiy movie. It’s easy to use and i get good results but slow rendering and burnig. I’m runing xp pro-512ram-amd2800±dfi nf2 u400s-al I havn’t reinstalled it yet will that help and is the studio 10 better and worth buying? Thanks Bob

hey im running 8 and am unable to burn to disc as it states rendering please wait and nothing happens, do you have this issue or am i doing something wrong??? I was informed the only difference from 9 to 10 is an updatr on picture in picture and slow motion control :slight_smile:

Studio 10 simply doesn’t work. There where patches for it only two weeks after release. :a
I decided not to waste more time (and money) with that Studio crap and I erased it from my computer forever. :smiley:
I use other editing software, mainly Magix products (which are more reliable, more versatile and far much cheaper). :bow:

Studio 10 is horrible. It has the best features and has tremendous potential but you just cant get it to stop crashing. I was able to get 1 DVD made and it was the most horrible experience I have even endured. It crashes about 50x an hour. No joke.

Thank god I do this for a living and have access to real software at work :slight_smile: lol.

Save you money till the rewrite this whole program from scratch. It really is horrible.

You may need the mpeg2 encoding/decoding activated, or you may just need to turn down your settings. The difference between 9 and 10 is that 10 is built upon the liquid engine, and gives the user HD capabilities.