Is starforce still unbeaten?

Just asking since my “Scrapland” CD just threw up on me, it worked on the second attempt but Im not happy and a bit nervous…

You mean your backup copy of Scrapland? Please explain a but more???

Nope, my original CD failed the authentication test so now I’d really like to use a backup or better yeat an image file mounted in daemon tools.

If it is your original that threw up (I assume you mean, no longer works) then you would probably be unable to make a backup even if/when Starforce could be copied.
Contact the company for a replacement CD.

Saw this on a thread…unfortantly my german suxs but seems interesting…

Important update on Starforce, that needs to be shared!

On a german forum someone released a tool called starfuck. This tool allows to run starforce mini-images without disabling your cd or dvd-drives in the bios or removing the cables from them. This tool is 100% legal, because it doesnt modify any starforce file in any way. From what I have understood it disables your cd or dvd-drives in the device-manager automaticly and hides your disabled cd or dvd-drives from being detected by starforce by simply issueing some commands through windows (it probably puts them in stand-by mode).
The version I got has already some pre-configured batch-files. If your cd or dvd-drives are on the secondary ide channel you either run secondary_all_ide.bat (the soft way) or secondary_all_ide_agr.bat (the hard way). The difference is that if you run secondary_all_ide_agr.bat you maybe have to reset your pc before your cd or dvd-drives show up again. And if your cd or dvd-drives are on the primary ide channel you either run primary_all_ide.bat or primary_all_ide_agressive.bat. Or you can make your own batch-file (this however requires obviouysly some deeper knowledge about the program itself) It is further recommended that you first undo the registry hack published by CXZISO.
This tool just works like an ordinary trainer. You run the appropriate batch file to disable and hide your cd or dvd-drives on either the primary or secondary ide-channel. A window pops up telling you not to press “ok” until you have finished playing your desired starforce-protected game. Then you mount the mini-image and play. After you have finished playing you press “ok” in the window and your cd or dvd drives magicly appear again! Eventhough the tool is still in beta it works really great on my computer. I tried it on Shade: Wrath of Angels and Soldiers - Heroes of World War II, and it worked immediately! Naturally you run program at your own risk, but I havent experienced any problems so far.
The size of the tool is about 0.4 mb. The writer of the tool allows the distribution of this tool. So it should hopefully soon be avaiable to a wider public. This tool is really a great step forward in running starforce protected games with mini-images. Let us hope that it soon also will be possible to make mini-images of dvd’s protected with starcrap.

Btw: The german forum is called dede1 (members of that forum can get the tool there in the starforce discussion thread and as far as I know registrations are closed for now)

Lemme know if anyone can get hold of it


btw, does any1 know what the ATA command 0x9F does (used with offset 0x06 and 0x07) ?

I have it and it works don’t need to unplug cables anymore.

wouldnt it be great if we could have a link from you to test it ourselves
Ive tried to get hold of this application without success.
cobrar22 can you supply a link to your colleagues? :bow:

check youre pm

yo someone send it to me

upload the program here using
then post the link here, i will download it, then i will host it and post a perminent link.

ben :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded it,but I don’t know if it’s another or older version than the 1 that cobrar22 has…if you can get his too,please compare…
PM sent…

starfuck.exe says v077 beta

Release date … Nov 22, 2004

THX for the info…mine seems to be the same…
I was just wondering if there would be an updated version with support for atapi devices connected to a pci ide card…

is the link available yet

thanks cobrar22 prompt reply your a star!! :iagree:


Don’t be impatient,dude…:wink:
bcn_246 offered to host the program for all,so I prefer him to have it 1st,before the “yousendit” link is sucked dry by people who just want to leech it…

Get i here:

sorry guys for long time to reply, i went out, anyway, thanks to the people who pmed me with the link, they both worked, however appear to be dead now. anyway, i have a proper link now:

i scanned it with McAfee 2005, it appears to be safe,
i dont own any starforce 3 games, so i cant say if it works.

Ben :slight_smile: