Is speed important?

I have a DVD drive which writes DVD-R at 1x speed. Can I buy 2x or 4x disks ? How can the disk determine the write speed ? Would putting a disk rated faster than the drive mean that it would write loads of errors ? Is there any error correction or parity checksums built in ?

A 1x drive will not burn anything at 2x or 4x unless you use hacked firmware. Such firmware may or may not be available depending upon which particular drive you have. Even then, results may vary if the hardware was not built to write at faster than 1x.

in other words, a 1X-max drive can max burn at 1X, whatever media you use…

like driving, the media is the street, and the drive is your car:
if your car can go max on 50mph, even on a highway of 200 mph, you will go on only at 50mph, unless you overclock your car with hacked engine :slight_smile:

lol, great analogy :bow: :bow:

Thanks for the replies. I guess I can use 2x or 4x media with no problems then, just that the speed will never be more than (or less than) 1x.
So to get 4x speed both drive and media have to be rated at 4x - right ?

Exactly right.

The process is only as fast as the slowest component.

It’s worth noting, if you are considering upgrading to a faster drive, that most hardcores here strongly suggest burning at slower than max speed anywho…:slight_smile:

burning at slower speeds often result in higher quality playbacks