Is Sony DRU-540A a rebadged LiteOn?

as above

my rma Ldw811s is beyond repair,
the shop is giving me a different drive.
(the shop no more carry Liteon)

need to get a drive that can support k-probe scanning.
the shop only have:
Toshiba SD-R5272
Sony DRU-540A
Sony DRU-700A
Pioneer DVR-A06 / A07

which of the above is supported by k-probe ?

DRU-700A = Liteon 832S

DRU-540A is an OptoRite drive as I recall.

Not supported by KProbe or Nero CDSpeed (for Disc Quality scans).

Read more here. :cool:


The link you sent ends with Lite-On guru code65536 saying “The Sony 540 is an Optorite and not a LiteOn.”

Another post in another thread has this:
“1. Who makes this drive, it’s not Lite-ON I have tried DVDinfoPro and Lite-on’s bitsetting tools and no go.”

Sony’s previous model (the DRU-530A) was an OptoRite drive as well.

I joked and removed joke after a deeper search…

Probably no one was dumb enough to buy one yet. :wink:

We shouldn´t ask people to open their drives, I know…WARRANTY VOID! :smiley:

Shouldn’t ask them to buy Sony or Optorite drives either.

Wonders when the hate mail will start flowing in … :stuck_out_tongue:

Than what is 812S similar to what brand of sony :confused:

The Sony DW-U18A drive (an OEM drive) is the Lite-On SOHW-812S.

Yes… if you compare
DRU-540 reviewed here and the Optorite DD1203 reviewed here the chipsets and board look the same… :slight_smile:

Based on Sanyo…not MediaTek. thegdog was right! :cool:

Ya I have a Sony 540A and I like it, I did not pay for it though, it was free from work (not stolen 15 year gift)
I put in the kids machine and its not bad, the media support sucks, but the media it writes is good with no problems at all.
The firmware is still not updated as Opto has their’s updated. Sony need to pull their heads out a do a firmware update.