Is someone here able to summarize best dvd-r media for 411s with FS07 or FS0B?

I’m not sure if i’m reading all the kprobe tests right and i really wanna buy the 411s today and need to know what dvd-r media to get.

I need to get dvd-r media because thats what my standalone dvd player accepts. It spits out dvd+r disks. Already tried some burns from a friend’s pioneer 106.

I have access to verbatim +r/-r, tdk +r/-r, shintaro +r/-r, imation +r/-r, infosmart +r/-r, princo +r/-r, and can order ritek -r from interstate.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think they’re saying verbatim works well with the 411s and FS07 here,

I was originally looking at the pioneer 106 because i was concerned after reading the thread with the probs with the 411s and xbox with samsung drives.

I have an xbox and later wanted to do some game backups when i get it modded. Now i know i’ll be okay with a 411s because my xbox has a phillips drive.

I love the media testing ability using kprobe and lite-on gear and i’m sure after i get the hang of it, it will be an invaluable tool.
I also prefer the 411s because of it’s faster cdr ability over the pioneer 106. I have 2 hdd’s on IDE1 and when i buy the 411s, IDE2 will host the 411s and Ltd163 dvdrom.

Currently, IDE2 hosts Ltd163 and lite-on 24102B. The 24102B has served me very well since i bought it as soon as it was released. I used verbatim discs from day one and nero always gave it a tick after doing the burn integrity test at the end.

So far I have been successful with all my TY DVD-R burns. I believe you shouldn’t have any problem with -R media. But before purchasing media in lots try to buy few from each preferred brand and try it with your player after burning.

FS07 should be ok because it’s official. I use it myself without any issues.


Heh princo dvd-r work fine for me, or those i do some time get stutter when playing on my dvd player. Btw Shintaro is manufacture by Princo as well so it basicly the same disk just come in jewel case that all. As for Princo dvd +r i don’t think princo ever make any + r media those
:stuck_out_tongue: .

Just a coulpe of question since i might know you bubble_boy, is this the same bubble boy who playing Ns and live in Melbourne. :smiley:

Out of the mentioned brands: go for verbatim and tdk.

Thanks guys, picking up the 411s today and hopefully will have access to some TY dvd-r discs by TDK as well…and blah_blah_blah that wasn’t me because i’m in Perth, haven’t been to Melbourne yet. :cool:

I agree with integspec, TY TDK (4X certified) DVD-R work pretty well!

So bad I can’t find them in spindle/cakebox :frowning:

We sometimes feel silly, always recommending tha same media over and over. But you just can’t beat TY. They’re not perfect, but they almost always work with every burner there is.

And as far as I remember it has been so for years now, right ?

:bow: TY:bow:

Just got my 411 today !!! May put it in tonight.

Can I go with the onboard firmware, or should I update to ???

I have Fuji media +R and -R and Verbatim -R.

For an ultra novice, “rookie” , first time ever, DVD burn attempt , should I use the - or the + media, or both and see what works ?

Software listed below,

Update to FS0B
Burn whatever is cheaper to start. :wink: