Is SOHW-1213S a value buy? or

buy the SOHW-812S and upgrade its firmware to burn DL discs?

Does the SOHW-1213S have better firmware (hacked) support for DL burning?

Which one is a wise buy at their price points rightn now?

Actually as I read further, some notice that 1213S may prevent users from upgrading it to burn DL! Is this true and confirmed?

Also, have the -R burning problems finally been resolved?

Last question, would it be better off to get the TDK 1280B which is the same price as Liteon 1213S in where I live?

I’ve just seen here in a online store…available on 8th of July at 104.50€ the RETAIL version…I was excited and I thought this would have been my choice for DVD Writer, but now I’ve just found that it has no support for DL…
how could it be? Why haven’t Lite-On released a drive as LG4120B with 12x and DL capabilities?
I think I’ll buy 812s black at 81.50€…
i’m so disappointed…

I picked up a LiteOn 812S on EBay for $54.00 ($70.00 with shipping). Converted to 832S with Omni Patcher. BURNED a DL disc - Working Perfectly.

Because of all the NEW games LiteOn is playing with their flasher, had my EEPROM modified to a real 832S. Can flash with the stock LiteOn 832S firmware directly off their site if necessary…

For me, given the scarcity and expense of DL media, I’m not even too bothered about it now (haven’t a clue where to get it if I wanted it in the uk).
They say its likely the 1213 will be moddable to 16x, but I don’t think I’m getting another burner until the 16s come out and at a fair price. By then, I think DL media will be more widely available, cheaper and have faster write speeds. 811 will continue to tide me over for now.
my £0.02

FYI - On the DL Media Issue…

I know it’s two much money NOW, but wanted to be sure the 812@832 really worked. In addition, the 832S media table was changed by another tester to burn a DL disc at 4X and the drive executed the function.

From what I understand, the media was not usable, but I know when the media get better and the 4X standard gets official standing sometime by the end of the year, the 832S will be able to deal with it !!!

it sounds like there might be chances for improvement for 1213, and 832 in the future. With prices dropping like every week, and DL missing from the market, it is extremely difficult for a first time buyer like me.

  1. Buy 812, upgrade to 832, have DL?
  2. Buy 1213s, nothing to upgrade to?
  3. Buy anything now, who knows what “endless” improvements we will have?

Which one of the above is more applicable?

Wait for the SOHW-1613S?

I’m in the same boat …man! I posted in the Which Lite-On DVD burner to buy? thread asking for advice but at that time everyone automatically assumed the 1213S would have DL capability.

Damn now I don’t know what to do. I’m just speculating but if the 1613S is definately gonna have DL support and the 1213S definately doesn’t have support then Lite-On may have implemented some form of f/w DL prevention technology with hindsite of the ltr-32125 to 48125 f/w scenario we all loved so much. Maybe thats what the extra unidentified chip is used for in the 1213 drive.

With DL on the horizon and drive prices dropping all the time then I think my regular Liteon LTR-52327S drive will have to suffice. Hopefully the 1613s drive will be a good all rounder when they are released especially since DL media manufacturing experience should be better by then.

BTW booma THESE guys will be getting some 8.5 gb Verbatim Datalife Plus Dual Layer in soon. No price yet though. :wink:

Yea, you are right, this situation is totally confusing, especially when the prospect of 1213s going DL is unconfirmed at the moment.

The key words I quote from you are “a good all rounder.” I think we are all looking for “that” drive which is of good value, great speed, feature rich, upgradeable, and support DL.

If it ever happens (and it might never) it will most likely through unofficial means. There will be no way to confirm anything like this until the time comes.

code, u say ‘most likely’ as if u think there’s even a fraction of a remote possibility lite on themselves would make it available to us.

I doubt that they will because they have a 16x model with DL support coming up in this 3S family. So it seems unlikely that they will undercut this upcoming drive by making the 12x drive too attractive. Their big reason for doing this 12x drive, as I heard it, is that there was a demand from the OEM market. So the 12x is more like this stopgap measure to keep their big customers like TDK happy, and thus, I would be surprised if I put in a whole lot of energy into it. Personally, I think that the 16x drive with DL would be a much better deal. And it shouldn’t be that much farther off in the future.

Of course, all this is just a guess on my part. Don’t hold me to any of this. :wink: