Is software male or female?

I have always thought of software as female and both firmware and hardware as male. I have always thought it interesting that you have to flash firmware. Aside from the innuendos software I have found tends to act like a female while hardware and firmware tend to act like a male. What do you think? BTW Windows OS is definitely female.

WINDOWS ME must be somewhere in between :bigsmile:
but i think you have to much time on your hands…

Windows operating systems must be female as they are very temperamental :wink:

Apart from that i would say in general because it is a very male oriented world software would be female. In my company there are some very femenistic comments in the software we write!!!

Software is male, no doubt about it. No female would be seen dressed like some software skins. :Z :Z :Z

hmmm firmware.
I dunno. :smiley: i patch firmware. i hope it has a feminine touch, some style, and it might actually be practical to use. :smiley:

Hardware is male, software is female. :iagree:

Hardware doesnt do squat if the software doesnt tell it too. It is thereby proven that hardware is male and software is female. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is both hard and soft – male and female.

i would have to agree that software is female…- they’re expensive, the ones for free don’t have all the features and they come in attractive colors :d

Software is female…you have to tickle it in the right place to get it to work :wink: Hardware is male…you plug it in and it’s ready to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Software can be cut down in size so all the excess baggage be taken care of, with
hardware this is much more difficult.

both hardware and software can be tempremental so they must both be female!!!

If the software is stubborn and doesn’t work as it should. Then its a woman! :smiley:

is a transgender :slight_smile:

Well if you go by Microsoft Windows, then software must be male - it’s pretending to be something it’s not (a good program). :wink:

[And of course my PC is female pets her, smiling] :bigsmile:

I never really thought of my computer as a sex whether it comes to hardware or software. Now my car is definitely a female. sigh

Today my computer is stubborn – like a woman.

i agree

Boy! People just have too much free time here. Besides, Linux is male and Windows is female since it requires way too many critical patches to jump start it much like women and the foreplay thing. :bigsmile:

I’m staying out of this one … it’s risky territory …

Hmmm lets see…
Software in German is Die Software right? and Die is for female…
Hardware in German is Die Hardware. and Die is for Female…
Computers in German is Der Computer. Der is for Male…
So conclusion would be Software and Hardware are female and Computers are Male…(well hope my german is still OK)