Is Smart Start really needed?

Have NERO 7 , Smart Start : 3.10.1

Is " Smart Start " or " Essentials " or whatever they call it , needed. It seems like it’s supposed to be some goo goo helper , but is just inane. Is there something that is just a " NERO " interface ? Nowhere is it clear where I could select this preference.
Thanks for any help .

Marty (voicelit )

No it isn’t necessary. I only have a shortcut to Nero Burning Rom on my desktop.
If I need another part of the suite I know where to find it in the programs folder.

And I find I’m using Nero less and less these days, since I switched over to ImgBurn for most of my burning. The other parts of the suite have been surpassed by other software for a long time now…at least for me.

Thanks , Kerry.

So there’s no other interface 'cept Smart Start ? Sad. Real doofy.
The short cut stuff would be good if I knew what the components were.
Yea, I’m gonna see if there’s better software. This is just too CNN, McDonalds , dumbed down. There’s goota be better stuff. Less insulting.

Marty ( voicelit )

Go to Start, Programs, and Nero. All of the components are there. Make a shortcut for whichever component you desire. I use Burning Rom and Vision when I use Nero.