Is slower always better for burning?

I have a Lite-On 1693 burner. I have only used Memorex 16x DVD+R’s so far. The first batch I got was from newegg and they were RICOHJPN03 I think. The next 2 batches I got were MCC 004. I always burned at 16x, and when I played them back I would notice problems like video tearing etc. So I started burning at 12x. I still noticed problems on some discs. I burned at 8x, most of them are fine. Every once in a while the burn will go through, then i pull out the disc and notice only half of it is burned, and it wont play past that point. I guess my question is, when there are problems like that, is it due to the media?

Secondly, I bought a 50 pack of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x from supermediastore. Should I burn these at 8x just to ensure the best burn, or is there an ideal speed? Like is it possible that 12x might burn better than 8x on a certain disc or will 8x always be better?

One last thing, if I get 2 good quality discs, one is rated for 8x and one is rated for 16x, with all things being equal, will the 16x disc be expected to burn better? For example, if I only intend to burn at 8x, should I save money and get 8x discs, or is it better to buy 16x discs? Thanks for any info. :bow:

Always? NO. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It will vary based on every single combination of media, burner, and firmware. There are no hard rules, you’ll just have to do your own tests with each combination, or research other peoples’ results in the forums here.

Even on your same burner, simply changing the firmware could easily turn your results around to just the opposite, let alone when dealing with different media or different burners.

I agree with scoobiedoobie, and add another thing.

Usually for DVD the best thing is to burn around the certified speed.

A 16x media, for example, should be burned @16x or @12x to obtain best results.

A 8x media should be burned @8x, @6x, or @12 if the media is very good quality (I burned 8x certified Taiyo media @12x with very good results).

It is a bad idea to burn a 16x media @2x or @4x.

Very true. Though burning slower is better when you want to be sure of the success, but burning a good medium in a burner (that “likes” this medium) at the certified speed is ideal.

Let’s modify this a little:

It is often a bad idea to burn a 16x media @2x or @4x, but not always.

I can even burn Verbatim 16 DVD+R and DVD-R media at real-time speed (1x) in my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD Recorder with excellent quality.


Thanks for your precisation. :iagree:

I didn’t know that some burners allow to obtain good results. :doh:

I burn my 8x media @8 and 12x. I used to burn @ 16x but after reading and learning from forums such as this I would rather play it safe and use 12x as my max.
I havent tried my Verbatim 16x media as yet… hopefully in the next month I can since Fuji has moved away from TY and the Verbatims are frequently on sale.

drinklime, it really depends on your burner, your firmware, and the media you’re using.

Learn how to quality test (easy with your LiteOn) and you can see for yourself. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed, and quality scan some of your discs that you made at various speeds.

:iagree: :iagree: Words of wisdom. :clap:

Only way to find, most of the time, is by trying and scanning and performing transfert rate tests, because even if you see scans from users with the same MID and firmware, your batch of disc may be different and thus give different results.

With some media you’ll find that you can overspeed with perfect quality (RICOHJPRN01 is a good example), other times you’ll find you have to downspeed to get the best quality (MCC03RG20 on some burners for example), other times the rated speed it the best.

You don’t want want to spend time in trial and error? Burn at the rated speed for 4X and 8X discs, and burn your 16X discs @12X. The latter is not necessary in all situations, but as all 16X media burn well @12X anyway, and considering the negligible increase in burning time, you’re good. :cool:

And to backup DrageMaester: recent 16X media from MCC can write at low speeds without any problem on several burners. I burn MCC03RG20 in my 1X standalone recorder (LG 4120B drive) with excellent results, though TYG02 for example doesn’t like this treatment at all :bigsmile: