Is SH-16A7S-06 a good DVD-RAM drive?


I’m trying to find a good DVD-RAM drive for backup (where good means quality write/read not speed). I would still like to get one with cartridge support but the only ones I’ve found with that are Panasonic ($130 - $500) which is more than I want to spend on a drive. The media is more expensive too.

Has anyone had good experience with 16A7S and DVD-RAM? I use Linux and I’ll probably use 2-3x media.

I already have a Pioneer DVR-111D which I’m going to cross flash to 111L so I can write DVD-RAM. It has only 5x DVD-RAM support and once I cross flash it will be loud since there’s no riplock. I need a second drive and I’d rather get one with native DVD-RAM write support that’s not so noisy.

I tried searching but I didn’t see an useful thread.