Is selling self created games on eBay legal?

I want to make software and games and burn them to CD-Rs, then sell them on eBay. Is this legal? :confused:

What do you mean by “make”? If you mean you know how to program and want to write programs and sell them it is perfectly leagal. You might want to look into issues such as copy writing and such to protect yourself though.

Sure, if you are the sole author of the software or bought the exclusive rights to it.

you can also set up accounts with freeware listings and have a link directly to your paypal, just make a demo version and a full version for purchasing customers (yea i know easier said than done). You need not rely on ebay for this as you will get more hits and customers via search engines. Most people to not look for software other’s created on ebay, unless it is mainstream and already a popular package.