Is SATA 2 backward compatable

I was wondering if SATA 2 was backward compatable with SATA 150 drivers. Thanks


thanks just needed to now before a got a motherboard thanks for the help

You can use SATA 2 HDDs on SATA 1 controllers. You can also use SATA 1 HDDs on SATA 2 controllers. I haven’t seen a motherboard that has at least 8 SATA 2 ports though there are many that have 6 (4 through ICH7 and 2 through Silicon Image.)

I’ll quote myself from the S-ATA/SCSI discussion topic:

[QUOTE=Phunc]“S-ATA II” or “S-ATA 2” doesn’t exist. S-ATA is just the type of connection, supporting 1.5Gbit/s or 3.0Gbit/s, optionally with support for NCQ, TCQ, hot-plugging, etc.

“S-ATA II” was the group behind the specs of S-ATA, they named themselves “S-ATA IO” because it was pretty confusing. Since then, most manufacturers and users link “S-ATA II” specs to being 3.0Gbit/s S-ATA, but it is just a spec. Like ATA33, ATA66, etc.

Actually VIA just announced that some of its SATA controllers won’t run SATA-II drives. D’OH! Gotta love VIA!

Also, there are a FEW differences between SATA and SATA-II. NCQ, better connecters, also SATA-e is merged into SATA-II. But the PRACTICAL differences are slim to none.

Longer cables and port multipliers are very practical differences to me. You maybe wanted to say SATA II enhances aren’t significant enough for most desktop users. I have about 40 SATA cables but none longer than 1m. eSATA and xSATA allow up to 8-meter cables and 15 HDDs on each SATA II channel is a great idea, better than what SCSI 320 allows now because the SATA cables are much cheaper, thinner, lighter, and easier to handle. The connectors are also improved to make the connection more robust because many people have criticized it’s too easy to lose connection because of the weak tiny SATA connectors.