Is SAO better than DAO for weak sectors?



I found this on the old Blindwrite site, at :

Safedisc 2 is a very hardware orientated CD copy protection. In addition to all the Safedisc 1 tricks, SD 2 uses a mathematical sequence of data which requires a very well contrasted CD to be read correctly. The explanation is far beyond the scope of this FAQ, the result is that only a few CD readers can read the backup of these mathematical sectors. Both a good reader and a good CD writer are required to produce a working backup, and a SAO RAW writing mode should be preferred, as SAO writing offers more contrast on the backup CD than DAO.

Is it true ?


In my case works with the same results and in others simply do not work becase the burner does not support sao-raw.


It has been discussed before. This is something the BW team has never elaborated on.