Is Samsung HTDS 400 Region Free? - Here's why I ask

Hi guys, hope u can help me…I own a Samsung HTDS 400 Home theatre and was bough in Europe and declared to support Region 2 DVD Media. The thing is that I would like to buy a movie - currently issued only in US on Region 1 media. The thing is that until just a few days ago I hadn’t had the chance to test my home theatre with a Region 1 disk and when I got one from my friend I put it in and it worked (the dvd player owns a PAL-NTSC converter). The disk is Jim Hensons Storyteller and it has a RCE protection which as you may know, shows itself as region-free to trick multiregion players. Here’s additional info on the disk

R1 - Will only play on North American Region 1 or multi-region DVD players.

Please Note: Regional Coding Enhancement (RCE): has been added by Warner and Columbia to certain Region 1 DVD’s. RCE will prevent the DVD from playing on some “Multi-Region” DVD players. If you are in any doubt that your player may not be able to play RCE DVD’s, we recommend that you do not order this title, as we are unable to accept returned RCE DVD’s.

So I guess my qestion is does this mean that my player is actually a multi-region RCE compliant player if it can play this disk?

Seems, it is.