Is Ritek using porous, white foam "spacers" / washers in their 50 spindle cake boxes?

Also, in addition to CMC and Ritek, who are the other “made” in Taiwan factories?

The CMC cake boxes seem very easy to identify, and I think I can identify the Riteks now.

Is the porous, white foam spacer / washer at the top of the spindle (to prevent shifting of CDRs during transit) a new Ritek marker or does it identify another CD manufacturer?

Also, does this look like a Ritek cakebox:

Thanks in advance!

What I can think of:
Mitsui (made at Prodisc factory)?
Mitsubishi (made at CMC factory)
Lead Data?

Hope this helps, I’ve got this from my collection of spindled disks:

Maxell 650 gold 100 pack riteks have a 1 and 3/8" diameter foam spacer approximately 3/16" thick.

Maxell 700 silver 100 pack riteks have a 1 and 3/4" diameter foam spacer approximately 1/4" thick.

Memorex 100 pack prodisc have a 1 and 3/4" diameter foam disk that is approximately 3/8" thick.

I hope this doesn’t add to the confusion.

Thanks in advance!

I have bought two spindles of Memorex CD-R’s packaged in that type of cakebox over the years. The earlier one had Ritek inside, the later had CMC.

Sorry, not much help…


I guess I should have mentioned the other Memorex 100 pack that I have are CMC based contained the typical hard plastic ring.

Hope that helps.

One other thing with these memorex, I found that the CMC actually had lower C1 error rates when compared to the Prodisc’s. On average cmc’s where about .7-.8 c1 average versus the 1.0 c1 average for the prodiscs.

The prodisc’s also had what looks to be a tiny (size of pin point) defect in some of the media (my guess is 25% of the 100pack :frowning: ) which would give me random (not all the time) errors (c2) burned on the Liteon drives 52x and 48x while no error burned in my Yamaha F1 external or my old Plextor 8x external (imation rebadged) burners.