Is ritek 4x dvd +rw media any good for a Benq dw1620

I just ordered 10 of these discs. I couldn’t find much info about what rw media the benq 1620 likes so I got these. Any other suggestions for the future or are these sufficient?

Here is a link to the media i ordered

I get excellent results with philips 4x rw (philips 041), but ricohjpnw11 is good also.

Here’s a sample scan of the Ritex 4x-DVD+rw media I bought

Looks good, redisol.
Here is a link to a Philips 041 4x dvd+rw I burned.

Thanks for posting the scans. Looks like it is good media. Whew.

My burns r terrible on Benq 1620P using Philips 041

I agree with the other poster, good scan but Philips041 media is a much safer bet then anything Ritek has produced in the last 6 months.

Never had any problem with the dozen or so Philips041 I used atleast 60 times now, while the couple of Riteks +RW I got are on the verge of dieing after only a dozen or so burns.