Is ripping a crime?



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Most of us know that Universal Music is planning to come out with a full line of copy protected cd’s by spring of next year and the music from the fast and furious was just the beginning.
So here’s…

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The official line runs that despite the fact that people can copy copy-protected CDs, that fact that there are at least a few that can’t makes it worth bothering for these companies. I’d like to see some stats on sales figures being altered by copy protection if anyone can find them.


hey nice work! you show those record lables who’s boss. “I was able to create MP3 files from the disc with relative ease after figuring out the “formula” to see the CDA files on the disc” could you expand on that? did you use something like an updated version of cdfs.vxd?


Zlurp also works great! for encoding protected cds to mp3! :wink:


ok i need to know a burner that is going to suport copy protection for ages to come and is a fast burner becuase I am looking at getting a new on becuase my sony140e just doesnt burn sd2 right so I need a new one who can recommend the best on the one I am looking at is lite ones 24102b it looks good and my friend recons will support copy protection for ages to come. if there is a better burner that suports copy protection better than this one please tell me


The LiteOn 24x burner seems to be the best one to get at the moment, other than a Plextor. Heres the review of it


Damn! I now see the tactics of these evil corperations! Since they can not get mp3-rippers to buy cd’s they started to produce ‘protected’ cd’s. Not to STOP us! But to lure us into buying them to try out the so called invincible protection! They’ll make millions!!