Is Ripit Gone For Good From Sunday Ads?

I wonder if ripit is gone for good and no longer provide the Sunday ads?>

I don’t think he’s gone for good but very occupied with work and at home. Get up at midnight and go to the sites to see the weekly ads is what you can do. It is the first thing I do in the morning on Sunday’s.

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2310231] It is the first thing I do in the morning on Sunday’s.[/QUOTE]

Me Toooooooo, by picking up the Sunday Paper from drive way @ 6:30AM.

We just got spoiled, admit it with ripit’s posting :slight_smile:

Yes , we did! LOL

I don’t know if everyone is aware of the SundaySaver website but there is a link below. It is something I check every weekend.

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2310245]We just got spoiled, admit it with ripit’s posting :)[/QUOTE]

It is not matter of being spoiled it is some fun or habit we all used to it to look for ripit ad posting every Sunday and say thank you ripit, thank ripit and so on. Otherwise I myself and I am sure majority of members they do get Sundays paper every week and don’t depend on here only.

I just check the websites at 9:00 p.m. Hawaii time then I’m able to see what’s in the Sunday ad’s. It was cool to have ripit post the sales here but he’s got a family to support and family comes first. ;):slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure his youngest has wrapped him up in duct tape…:eek:

I’ll be back but it might take a bit longer. I’ll sumarize.

network got hacked and time warner shut down my internet (said among other things I was sending out huge amounts of spam email). I couldn’t clean it and kept getting shut down again so a reinstall became mandatory on all computers.

It seemed a good time to upgrade my main computers motherboard (I had already planned on it, too many problems with my crappy ecs boards). That didn’t go well at all. There were critical problems with the motherboard (had to fight with micro center to exchange for a diffrent model against their policy and further price match newegg as their non sale prices really suck). Mega problems with that board too and may have fried some ireplacable hi speed memory. Even gigabyte said it was a bad board (bad memory controler acording th them), but the second one did the same. I figured it out myself after a lot of work (shitty bios). In the end though, I got an e-6300 from 1.83 GHz to 2.94 GHz on air with resonable temps (and no failures, I can go further). I also got my memory ddr-2 800 memory to 1000 (though its running 840 now with the lowest multiplier so plenty of room to overclock). I have a better heatsink but that low priority right now.

So I reinstalled and got the main computer cleaned up (though 3 drives are out of it and not yet virus checked). My htpc is another story. It seems to the be source of the infection (still infected but disconected from the network and I now know it was the problem but it cannot be cleaned). I have 2 tb of data to wade through (a lot of crap but family photos, the children being born, and everything else important is mixed in). Further, I have raid arrays and dont trust them to be intact after a reinstall. All drives are full as I dumped a bunch of stuff off the main compter onto it so I would have 2 clean drives for the main computer. A new 1TB drive would help, but I have had other issues.

We were short on money. We make enough but had been iresponsible and also I bought the new motherboard, and a new canon mp530 to scan the ads on clearance for 40$ (I was so stoked, it has a newer version of the same print engine I have been using for years on my ip4000 and I was hoping it had a beter scanner/feeder than the crappy brother I had been using). The ip4000 is dying (I got a good 5 years of heavy use out of it).

I cannot even recall some of the bad thing that have happened to make things worse (the current bad things have overshadowed them in my mind and I am going thorugh vicodin withdrawl after spending the last week power using it). I had a bad dental abscess, went to the dentist on wensday, my insurance company’s computer was down so they couldn’t verify insurance (my wife drove me and lost 3 hours from work). So I worked thursday and was going to go friday, but they were closed (their phone message said 9-4 on friday but aparently that is optional). So I worked monday and tue, but planned on going on wensday. On monday, the wife hit a concrete divider on the highway and trashed the front end of our only working car. It was a low speed colision, and she wasn’t hurt, but I found out that the front of our toyota corolla is and empty plastic shell (no steel bumper, or plastic bumper, or shock absorbers or any thing, just air space). The wheel took the full force of the impact and was driven to the back of the wheel well (a good 4 inches, even the donut spare rubs the back of the wheel well). So we are driving an expensive rental car with 2 dead cars at homel, both of which need expensive repairs.

I have maxed out on pay advances (my bank allows me to get advances against my direct deposit but they charge 10%). I borrowed 300$ for the dentist (long story but I got the root canal from 780$ to 380$, but had to pay it all up front, and now to argue other charges). So today I got the root canal. I think he did a good job, but he uses technology to make the process as fast as possible, and every step and charge is going to be an ordeal (wow, a dentist thats all about money, go figure). Also a first, he used an electrical device to burn away some of my gum so he could work (I really didn’t like the idea of that), and I think he may have acidentally stabbed me in the bottom of the tonge with the tool ( I got a spot that hurts more than the tooth or the gums).

Did I mention that my mother in law planned a camping trip for this weekend (I had plenty of notice but it wasn’t optional, the wife was taking the kids with or with out me). She rented a cabin on a lake. My 2 and 4 year old children have never been in deep water (they have been to public pools but kiddie pools that are a foot or 2 deep at the deepest points. The don’t understand the concept of drowning, and I think the cabin has a deck over the lake. They also don’t obey (don’t jump in is a reason to jump in as it would be funny). She doesn’t watch them well either. I had to go. Unfortunatly they fired the store manager, and another manager quite so time off (for my position) is totally blacked out. The only salery assistant manager (whe has quite unfarily been working 90-100 hours a week) has first dibs on vacation time (rightfully so). So I have to give up 2 weekends off (trade so no weekends off for 1.5 months) to get this weekend off for the camping trip.
One good thing came out of it though. She crashed the car (driving too fast, recklesslly), so the cabin was off. We would be fixing the car this weekend (I can fix it but I’ll be damned if she’s not helping when she crashed it). so she gets her sister to loan us the money (very long term loan) to get a garage to fix it (waste 1000$ labor charge) so she can have her weekend. So instead, we put our dead dodge neon in the garage (ignition problems and I suck with automotive electrical, I couldn’t figure it out and it’s been sitting dead for 8 months). We then have a working car to get to work (the main concern), and I can spend the next few weeks fixing the toyota front end myself (I’m great with mechanical, so 200-300$ in parts instead of 1000$ in the shop). In the end, we now have 2 working cars (the neon is only good for local, its a lemon, but its a second car).
I havent even installed the mp530 but I have high hopes. Obviously I wont be back next weekend, but I enjoy the acomplishment of doing the ads and it makes me feel good to help every one out. It might be in a minor way, but if you can help so many in a minor way, it makes you feel good. I wouldn’t have done it for so long if I didn’t enjoy doing it. My network is all disconected and I only have 1 semi safe computer to conect to the internet. I have to use it to go through possibly infected drive off other computers though (trying to free up space to dump the raid arrays), so kill my modem most of the time, and spend minimum time online (so I’ll probably disapear again for a little while).

I will be back when I can though.

YOU take care of yourself Ripit:flower:,we’ll still be here when you get back
(we got nowhere else to go!)
but seriously :eek: :bigsmile:

I for one am glad to hear you will be back. It sounds to me like you have been through hell
and I feel your pain. Good luck with the transportation, and I hope your hard drive recovery
goes well.

That is a lot of stuff on one plate. Hang in there and I hope things will get easier for you and your family. We will all be here when you get back. The weekends just don’t seem the same around here without your ad posts.

[QUOTE=UTR;2310337]I don’t know if everyone is aware of the SundaySaver website but there is a link below. It is something I check every weekend.[/QUOTE]

UTR, Thanks for this web site. Very nice.:iagree:

Mr. Bill

Ripit: Trials and tribulations come with both a purpose and a reward, I hope you’re rewarded soon.

UTR: Also a thanks on that web site

That Neon is a OBD2 car so if you can barrow or rent a scan tool you can hook it up and with any luck it will give you trouble codes or plain language about what is wrong with the thing depending on the tool.
I use one here on our fleet of newer cars and it has saved me a lot of time figuring out what’s wrong on the cars. The last times either had a issues it was the O2 senors on either of the cars and it told me which one as well as it had 2 of them. Many of the auto parts stores will loan you one for free or a refundable deposit or you can buy a simple one pretty cheap.
If it’s a first gen Neon I think the key trick will work as well. Turn the key off and on quickly 3 times, on the third time leave it on and the check engine light will start flashing, count all the flashes and when it finally flashes 55 that means it’s done playing back codes. you can look up what they mean online or in a service manual. If the battery has remained hooked up and has a charge it should have this still stored in the memory of the on board CPU provided it is a part that it keeps track of. If not and it will start again and it’s a major problem it should trigger the check engine light again after it runs a bit if it still does.

Luckilly I did the key trick on the neon right away when it died (about 8 months ago). It was code 12 (no distributor refrence signal). I tried to reset the computer by disconecting the battery (that was stupid, it wiped out anything the scanner could have read). The cam sensor was replaced about 30k ago, and I put a new crank sensor and coil pack. I’m guessing its either the ecm computer (less likley) or bad crank sensor wiring (very likley, they have a rep for getting oil on the wires shorting them out). It might also be a slipped timing belt.
I really suck at auto electrical though and havent been able to figure it out. I’m great at mechanical though so if a shop can fix the neon for not too horrible of a price, I can fix the toyota for a lot less than they would charge (2 cars would really help out with her driving 30 miles to work every day).

They do throw a code when the belt has slipped a tooth, I have a 95 myself and recently had to do the water pump, so I relooked up all the info I could find about what else to replace and how and that was one thing that turned up.
I also replaced the timing belt at that time seeing how the old belt has to be removed and replaced to do the pump which means the whole front of the motor has to come off, the front passenger wheel, a bunch of covers etc.
The idiots at the Mopar dealer where sister last took it never suggested that at 128k at the time it would be wise to replace the water pump so it didn’t later leak and ruin the new belt, so I replaced a perfect belt that only had 30k on it while I was at it for safety seeing how I was already there anyways.
The book says to replace the belt every 60k to 100k depending on the belt and the book you read, if it does break the the top of the engines valves get broken so then it’s a much more expensive fix or the motors junk.
We may have covered this before but this is a great resource for all Neons They might be able to help you trouble shoot it and figure out the parts you don’t understand.

According to my info on a 95 to 99 Neon code 12 is battery or power disconnected to the CPM sometime within the last 50 starts. Mine shows that code every so often and it isn’t a big deal if no other codes were stored.

Nice to see ripit is still around. So wish you well and luck for what ever your time being %100 occupied for the time being.