Is RICOHJPNR01 Being Phased Out?

Lately I have been noticing that in Canada at least, many discs that used to be RICOHPJNR01s are being replaced with RITEKR03s. RiDATA, Memorex, Arita… Is RITEKR03 a cheaper manufacturing process? I was also thinking that RITEKR03 is popping up on “official” 8x branded discs, so maybe they are being favoured over the “inferior” 4x RICOHJPNR01s. Is there any difference between 8x RITEKR03s and 4x R03s (besides price that is :wink: )? This trend is terrible news for me, as my Liteon adores RICOH.

Most 4X media is being “phased” out. 8X/16X media will soon be the standard.
If you like RICOH, keep an eye out for some RICOHJPNR02.
This is the 8X certified RICOH media, it also seems to burn well at higher speeds according to initial testing and scan results. :slight_smile:

I’ve had many ricohjpnr02 disks since last winter imported from Taiwan but I didn’t have any 12-16x writer then.

I got a 100 pack of Ridata 4x R03s and the burns at 8X are terrible whereas the burns at 4X are very good. I don’t really know why Ritek re-labels these as 4X unless they are rejects. Unfortunately most burn software is set at MAX.